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User Info: killerkody23

11 years ago#1
ok i know if u equip a map your chance of getting a new map increases but do the characters that have the map equipped need to be on the field or can they be in the base panel

User Info: Sunladis

11 years ago#2
As far as I know, just in the Base panel is alright.

User Info: Coryney

11 years ago#3
junk characters in the base panel is all you need for your maps

User Info: Dg_617

11 years ago#4
yep... they are both right... i have 12 maps on 4 mages, they hang in the base panel and i get a pirate fight about ever 2 maps... lol

User Info: The_Real_Sinato

11 years ago#5
Thats useful, I'll have to put the four map pieces I have onto characters
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