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User Info: PulcineAura

11 years ago#21
A Bay Bay, let it play
That's my song, turn it up, A Bay Bay

User Info: RidleyMan

11 years ago#22
Laharl, duh.

User Info: 321Death

11 years ago#23
Laharl. Rozalin should come to a close second.
My awakening is your death knell.

User Info: Da_Great_SoFaRo

11 years ago#24
Etna, 'cuz she's DAMN fine...but her D2 voice, alas, was not. ::shudder::
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User Info: Jadriam

11 years ago#25

Yeah he's cliche. But he has a few odd quirks, like his denial about certain......rump-kickin' addictions...and the whole issue with his HORRIDLY bizarre clothes.

User Info: scathatch72

11 years ago#26
I have two.

Adell, for playing the stereotypical Main Hero Guy down to the last letter.

Taro, his sprite is just adorable, as well as his attack animations. =D
They MUST have some sort of company logo. They need it to stand ominously behind them as they taunt the good guys.~thetrueoskar
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