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  3. Wow, the map design is real crap *Spoilers*

User Info: G_Spot_Finder

11 years ago#31
At least this game allows you to level up more than once per action >.> THAT'D be hell.
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User Info: Dg_617

11 years ago#32
lol congrats AW. you've just shown how easy it is to start an argument... (heh great job) and about the map you mentioned, as another friendly guy said... just take one of those nice lil geo blocks sitting on the side of your gate an toss it over on the panels. oh, and btw... if you toss the other one on them after that then TA DAH! 50% exp boost for all! oh... and enemies at half health.

User Info: DuranDD

11 years ago#33
One of the few that is without insults, flaming etc.
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User Info: Jadriam

11 years ago#34
Meh, looking through the topic as a whole.... I can't agree. As far as I see, the MAP is the enemy. You can overlevel anything in the games and kill them, strategy or no strategy, so tactical challenges simply don't exist in this game. They never were meant to. Tactical games like the PSP FFT or Ogre Battle, that's where the enemies plan their assaults.

And I NEVER had any problems with the maps. The IW maps are changeable(geo-wise anyways), the story maps almost always have one symbol or two that can make the whole thing fall down, and DW is supposed to be aggravating in terms of annoying symbols and such.

The thread maker sounds like they really are trying to turn Disgaea 2 into FFT or Vandal Hearts or Fire Emblem. Any game that even lets you hit 9999 ONCE is going to be unbalanced in your favor over time.

My point: If the maps really, REALLY tick you off that much, go on and trade your copy or sell it. They are the backbone of the enemy attacks, and the only challenge in the game that can't be outleveled.. But there's no point in debating an unalterable situation without any fact to back it. All the statements here are OPINION, even mine - That doesn't mean the game sucks, or that the maps suck. It may just be your playstyle isn't suited for Disgaea, or you rush into the fields too hastily. Agito the Reaper is worse than the first Zenon Castle map by FAR, as first glance...
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  3. Wow, the map design is real crap *Spoilers*
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