Anyone still play?

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User Info: MasterFenix95

6 years ago#1
I miss playing this game and the last time I played this was over a year ago. I noticed the community of players dwindle, as I played the same people over and over again. Leave your Gt if you play rank. GT: Master Fenix95
Hurry lets play Russian Roulette with all chambers loaded. I'll go first. **Pulls trigger 6 times only to meet nothing but confetti.

User Info: RiKuToTheMiGhtY

6 years ago#2
This game is very dead as the lag in MP even during the game's release was pretty bad plus a lot of people felt the game was lack luster.

The company who made this also went under I hear and thats why they never made a sequel to this nor any other Turok games since this one did not revive the series. - We Press Forward. . . By Pressing Back.
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