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User Info: Cindro-Deth

7 years ago#1
I Love the maximum impact versions check out King of Fighters 2006 (a form of maximum impact2) and tell me if this game for ps2 doesnt blow away street fighter 4
im not saying that SF4 or SSF4 isn't good but I think King of Fighters has always been funner than street fighter mainly cause they have had better balance id say with unique fightiing styles, special moves, and esp. the combos.
I know most people would agree if they could open up to something new but King of Fighters is kinda underground or under-rated here in the states.
I just hope that if you like arcade fighters you keep your eyes out for this one if it ever comes out.
Im also still waiting on Capcom vs SNK 3 cause capcoms been comin out with all the other vs titles here lately

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