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2 months ago#1
Finally finished my replay of these games after more than a decade, and good god did I grow appreciation for them.
Especially the 3rd game is probably now my favorite or 2nd favorite JRPG (it competing with Trails in the Sky SC for that).

Like yeah, I could point out the combat especially near the end becoming piss if one does everything, or stuff like Pied Piper for Ziggy's backstory as an outside source material (or missing year), but sure is helpful people did translate some of that stuff. And of course, one can tell how crunched the game was with story elements and events to conclude in a satisfying manner the trilogy...but honestly...

In the grand scheme of things from the story, to the cast of characters, to the gameplay, OST (special mentions to the OST in particular) and visuals for a PS2 game,I still find this to be a masterpiece.

Never have I more been sad about the impossibility of a HD remaster or remake of some games, not necessarily for me, so much as other people and online friends I could recommend this sub-series of the Xeno games to.
"Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit" - Vyse, Skies of Arcadia
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