Just ordered the game a few questions

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User Info: Rocsas90

4 years ago#1
I am kind of newbie in the SRW series in fact I started with fan-games like Battle Moon Wars and Gensou Shoujo Taisen and only recently played OG1, 2 and SRW J.

I have seen the link to Akarasu.net and I think that I wont have that much problems with the gameplay looking for skills, spirits, attacks, etc.

My questions are:
How long is the game?
How many split routes are?
Can you fast forward the battle animations? (yeah I dont like skiping them but some attacks just seem to take forever...)

I am not that much of a fan of mecha animes having just watched Code Geass, TTGL and a couple of Gundam series so SRW games never caught my attention (except SWR-Z2) until I played OG and I started to like its characters so when I saw the beautiful trailer of the game with all the mechas in HD and the low price I said why the hell no.

Could you please hype the game a little for me? What should I look forward?

User Info: GX6000

4 years ago#2
1) The game has about 60 stages in the normal route so I dont see it as too long. You can take your time in enjoying the attacks and story (if u can read JP)

2) As for route splits, akurasu has a part where it shows you the route splits and what units go to which route. http://akurasu.net/wiki/Super_Robot_Wars/OG2nd/Complete_Chart

3) Yes you can fast forward the game by holding O. Release O to stop fast forwarding. If you want to skip it, press X.

Although the J story line is not in this game, there are other stories from SRW F, F Final, D, MX, Alpha 2, and part of Alpha 3. The game also includes almost everything for OG and OG2 in which you completed. The attacks are great and the units are cool. You WILL enjoy this game if you are a SRW fan!!
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User Info: ssjfozz

4 years ago#3
60 stages in normal mode, 63 in hard/secret mode (which is really easy to get). But if you count the 3 route splits, there are an additional 27 stages, so that brings the game up to about 80 different stages to play really.

You can fast forward, but not in the beginning while they're talking. Random dialogue is the one thing you can't fast forward through. But you can fast forward if the dialogue is part of the attack (otherwise HTB Cannon would take forever).

Once i've seen them all in the beginning i tend to turn off animation until a new unit comes around. I don't have the patience to watch attacks over and over with the load times (though they are amazingly short compared to Impact).
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User Info: Rocsas90

4 years ago#4
Thanks for the answers.
I am really excited for this game, cant believe how long it took to make a PS3 SRW game hope that it isnt the last one, because Vita and probably ps4 would be way too expensive.

User Info: Shaded_Phoenix

4 years ago#5
Vita wouldn't be any more expensive than PS3. Potentially not PS4, either. It's not as if the graphics need to be boosted or anything. It's still HD.
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