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User Info: dragicorn

1 year ago#1
I found some codes that were not included in any of the uploaded files and codelists for CWCHEATS.

_C0 99 Witches Rogue
_L 0x0030CF66 0x00000063
_C0 99 War God Axe
_L 0x0030CF58 0x00000063
_C0 99 Solomon's Ring
_L 0x0030CF48 0x00000063
_C0 99 Angel's Trumpet
_L 0x0030CF39 0x00000060

This works in the current PPSSPP and PSP. (V1.7.4)

For the other codes, do a quick search of this in google.

Earth Quartz _L "0x0030CF42 0x00000063"

Also, I've included an upload of the cheat codes:

(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: dragicorn

1 year ago#2

I've included Pandora's Box code, which was missed.

EDIT: Removed a game breaking code (It didn't do anything, just breaks the game. Has no effect whatsoever, except when going to the menu, where it breaks)
(edited 1 year ago)
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