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User Info: kyle78

8 years ago#1
This is rad, I played the original X on SNES back in the day. I didn't even know this existed until today. Best part, it's free for plus members right on.The memories....
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User Info: Yarott

8 years ago#2
Riding on Cars! *air guitar riff*
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User Info: Taption

8 years ago#3
good game

User Info: SMOG-097

8 years ago#4
Reminds me of how video games used to be tough.

Insanely hard. The latest generation games have been holding my hand too long.

User Info: Stewman_Magoo

8 years ago#5
Yeah I just started playing it today. I had no idea it was a mega man X port, but the nostalgia trip was nice. Just beat Armored Armadillo.

User Info: Duh_Bad_Guy

8 years ago#6
Does the hadoken still exists in this version?
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User Info: iiPatelio

8 years ago#7
From: Duh_Bad_Guy | #006
Does the hadoken still exists in this version?

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