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User Info: triple_lei

12 years ago#81
I think Zero's arm part is still more powerful than Dr. Light's...

User Info: top1one

11 years ago#82
what name of x armor in this series?

User Info: viral

11 years ago#83
Can I get some tips for Vile mode? I'm dieing a lot in these levels
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User Info: jwhudexnls

11 years ago#84
Spell dying right.
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User Info: aitamen

9 years ago#85
Uh, just a side-note, you don't need Kuwanger's weapon to get the heart in Kuwanger's level, you can use a charged Shotgun Ice to get it so you don't have to replay it.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

8 years ago#86
Ok i know absoltelutley nothing about this game some forgive me if this is a stupid question.
Does this game have a level editor?(i know powered up does,but that's not on psn)
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User Info: ZEOPOWER6

8 years ago#87
So... is no one making that Vile FAQ? :(
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