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User Info: -layzee-

1 year ago#1
I recently went ahead and did what I could to preserve/backup what's on the Japanese game server and they were as follows:


1) All 45 stages which comprise of 37 official/authorised stages and 8 Hall of Fame (known in Japanese as "Palace") stages, which I believe are hand-picked from the fan-made stages by Capcom. All actual files and folders are dated 2007/02/23 (the day of the last DLC) and sorted from oldest to newest stage. i.e. ULJM05044DL0000 is the oldest stage, ULJM05044DL0001 is the second oldest etc. There is a 30 save file limit so after ULJM05044DL0029 there is a second set starting with ULJM05044DL0000 (i.e. the 31st stage) again.

2) A fresh save file with all characters unlocked, all of Roll's costumes, and all stage packs. I believe these are embedded into the save file as opposed to being separate files like the stages which necessitates backing up of the save file. All actual files and folders are dated 2007/02/23.

3) Viewed each of the DLC messages and status update information board. I believe I saw some game development staff messages but I'll need to take a closer look later.

A few further notes:

1) I believe the Hall of Fame levels differ by region.
2) The status message board is probably slightly different too.
3) Some levels are of course exclusive to certain regions.
4) A few of release dates of the DLC differ by region. Rockman Rockman was released in Japan first so naturally they had a few of their DLC on or near release date. Apart from that, there was a handful more of DLC that had slightly different release dates.

Overall, it's pretty amazing this server is still up after almost 15 years. Is the server being hosted by Capcom or Sony? Any bets on when it will go down? Is this server accessible with a PSP emulator?

Are there any other games with similar DLC or is there a list somewhere? I might try Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker next but that's probably a fruitless endeavour. Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2 has some DLC but I believe it's been preserved already. Will need to do some research on the Tales of... RPG series. Square Enix games too.
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User Info: -layzee-

1 year ago#2
Date Name
2007/02/23 最後のデータ
2007/02/02 バレンタインロールをあなたに
2007/01/19 GUTS_MANIA2!
2007/01/05 くのいちロールでバッサリ感!
2006/12/15 OIL_MANIA2!
2006/12/01 サンタロールがあなたのもとへ!
2006/11/24 クリスマスStパック!
2006/11/24 いくぜ、パワーストーン!
2006/11/17 ICE_MANIA2!
2006/11/03 のらねこロールでにゃおん!?
2006/10/20 CUT_MANIA2!
2006/10/06 ハロウィンロールでトリック!
2006/09/29 ハロウィンStパック!
2006/09/08 クラシックスコレクション発売!
2006/09/01 お月見ロールでぴょん!?
2006/08/18 ジャパンStパック!
2006/08/04 バカンスロールは開放的!
2006/08/04 マカイムラStパック!
2006/08/04 極めろ魔界村!
2006/07/21 CUT_MANIA!
2006/07/07 麦わらロールで夏本番!
2006/07/07 FIRE_MANIA!
2006/06/23 ELEC_MANIA!
2006/06/09 OIL_MANIA!
2006/06/02 雨の日ロールもがんばるよ!
2006/06/02 TIME_MANIA!
2006/05/26 OLDタイムマンStパック!
2006/05/26 電撃「マ)王、三度参上!
2006/05/19 GUTS_MANIA!
2006/05/19 電撃PS、三度参上!
2006/05/05 ナイトロール、ここに推参!
2006/05/05 ROCK_MANIA!
2006/04/28 OLDオイルマンStパック!
2006/04/28 ICE_MANIA!
2006/04/28 電撃「マ)王、再び参上!
2006/04/21 電撃PS2、再び参上!
2006/04/14 BOMB_MANIA!
2006/04/14 電撃PS、再び参上!
2006/04/07 スポーツロールに衣替え!
2006/04/07 OLDアイスマンStパック!
2006/04/07 電撃オンライン、再び参上!
2006/03/31 OLDボンバーマンStパック!
2006/03/31 電撃「マ)王、参上!
2006/03/31 ファミ通WaveDVD、参上!
2006/03/29 あのサンデースペシャルが進化!!
2006/03/24 OLDカットマンStパック!
2006/03/24 Joe A-Go-Go!!
2006/03/24 電撃オンライン、参上!
2006/03/17 ロックマン8ロールに衣替え!
2006/03/17 OLDファイヤーマンStパック!
2006/03/17 電撃PS2、参上!
2006/03/10 OLDエレキマンStパック!
2006/03/10 電撃PS、参上!
2006/03/02 ロールだって負けないんだから!
2006/03/02 OLDガッツマンStパック!

Palace/Hall of Fame Stages
2006/06 9-Man Labrynth
2006/06 Abandoned Base
2006/06 Full_Automatic01
2006/06 ロールちゃんがゆく!
2006/06 ESCAPE:Alantis
2006/06 メットールのバカ…
2006/06 ロールちゃんとイッパイコンテナ

User Info: Exa_Man

1 year ago#3
Awwwww....................sweet, sweet early MMPU days memories.
I believe the 'Hall of Fame' levels are actually in fact from ALL 3 regions (Japan; E.U. and good ol' U.S. of A.), since I recognize the name of one of the early early 'Spring 2006' American levels: 'ESCAPE: Alantis'.

GREAT JOB, btw. :D
Not changing this sig until Disney surprises us with: STAR WARS: The Emperor's New Groove (or Force) or Capcom releases MM Legends 3 which is just as likely. :(

User Info: -layzee-

1 year ago#4
So you were there since the opening of the WEB? I imagine there was lots of activity during the early stages. It took me 10 minutes or so to browse the fan levels from 2019 to 2013 so no doubt it will take ages to get to 2006 where most of the fan activity lies.

I'll check later if I can figure out which of the HoF levels come from which country.

User Info: Exa_Man

1 year ago#5
Yeah, I was. I was one of the lucky ones who took a huge chance and risk with MMPU and was pleasantly surprised by the lovely content and features and gameplay in this game. I immediately became addicted to its sandbox/construction mode and was amazed by the plethora of great user-created content in there from 2006 to 2009.
Not changing this sig until Disney surprises us with: STAR WARS: The Emperor's New Groove (or Force) or Capcom releases MM Legends 3 which is just as likely. :(

User Info: triple_lei

1 year ago#6
First, thanks for making this thread; I was going to make this kind of thread myself because I got the Japanese version on the Japanese PS Store on my Japanese Vita and was able to connect with WPA2 and therefore get the DLC that way.

Second, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker DLC (another DLC that's hard to find) was archived by some guy:

All right, so since I also realized that there's a 30-save limit and there's more than 30 download-type DLC for Rockman Rockman, I had to do some organizing to make sure at least some whole collections fit on a memory stick, even if you can't fit all collections all at the same time. Here's how I've organized it:

  1. Roll
  2. Roll, Stage Packs
  3. Roll, Stage Packs, Blues
  4. Roll, Stage Packs, Magazines, Contest
  5. Roll, Stage Packs, Ultimate, Mania, With

I forget exactly what I meant by "With," but by my count that was everything, although I'm not a native speaker and didn't consult your original post just now.... though I was referencing some kind of fan wiki that you'd think would list everything.

More in next post...
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User Info: triple_lei

1 year ago#8
Unlock-type DLC:

Roll (all Roll costumes on a fresh save and nothing else)
Roll, Stage Packs
Roll, Stage Packs, Blues

  • ULJM05044RRSYS
Not everyone wants Blues unlocked; some would prefer to earn him through Challenge Mode. The game does warn you about this, because you can't simply just delete a file to get rid of the unlock.

Download-type DLC:

Roll, Stage Packs, Magazines, Contest
  • ULJM05044DL0000 to ULJM05044DL0019
  • ULJM05044RRSYS
Roll, Stage Packs, Ultimate, Mania, With
  • ULJM05044DL0000 to ULJM05044DL0024
  • ULJM05044RRSYS

To be most efficient you'll want to start with a clean memory stick and start dumping the contents on your PC once you've finished downloading entire sets in the categories I've listed. That way you should be able to mix and match exactly what kind of DLC you want (though you might have to rename some folders in the process), and whether or not you want Blues unlocked.

Later I'll do a deep dive into my last two categories by putting them back on my PSP (they should describe them in the game I think). I think I'm missing those Palace/Hall of Fame stages, though...

User Info: -layzee-

1 year ago#9
Good to hear that there are other people taking preservation of DLC seriously. Certainly, as you found out, organising the DLC for your personal use is a bit tricky due to the 30 save file limit and due to the strict folder name (i.e. the DLC must be ULJM05044DL00XX where X = any number between 00 and 29). But your method of organising the DLC does make sense for gameplay purposes.

My DLC file and folders are archived individually by date and name (see the DLC list in my previous post) so it's easier to tell which DLC is which. When I want to use it, I'll just pick and choose the stages I want, and rename the folders accordingly.

Apart from Rockman and to go on another topic, I've also been trying to do some research on other DLC in other games and other systems.

1) I believe the Japanese version of Tactics Ogre for PSP made use of DLC while the English version had it built in.
2) The Sega Dreamcast had some pretty rare and obscure DLC: http://dc.dreamcastlive.net/dlc.html
3) Many Nintendo DS games (and other consoles) had limited promotional DLC like Dragon Quest XI that had special equipment that doubles experience and gold gains.
4) I homebrewed my PS3 so I can back up anything from DLC to game updates. I can also browse the Japanese PlayStation store for DLC but I'm unsure if I should download anything because it is a bit expensive to collect them all, and maybe other groups have already done so. My main question is if the Japanese DLC for a game fundamentally different from the English version of the same game.

Essential links:

No-Intro (preservation of cart-based games and DLC):

Redump (preservation of disc-based games, no DLC):

NoPayStation (I'm not too familiar with this group but they seem to specialise in DLC):

PSNDL (seems like easy download links to DLC):

Back to point 4, I'd like to use the PS3 Japanese version of Tales of Berseria as an example. I'm in the store and looking at the DLC and there's almost 100 of them. All of the ones that are free (e.g. themes and item bundles) have already been dumped and recorded by no-intro. The DLC that are not free, as far as I can tell, are not recorded by no-intro or any of the above groups. They are mainly costumes for at least 300 yen each and I estimate it would cost 10,000 to 15,000 yen (about $90 to $140 USD)... quite pricey.

Another example is Akumajou Dracula: Harmony of Despair (Castlevania). All the DLC are preserved... the US version anyway. What about the Japanese version of the DLC? Are the game region and contents cross-compatible or what?

Last but not least, the Rockman Rockman PSP DLCs have not been officially recognised and preserved by any of the dumping groups above, as far as I know anyway.

All these things and more keep me awake at night. I'll have to ask for clarification on these issues in other forums.

P.S. And just one final thing, preserving Japanese DLC is particularly important because Japanese people and/or culture doesn't really seem to place great importance on this sort of subject (i.e. game and game content preservation) and because they're not very "computer-minded" (i.e. the closest thing to computers Japanese people own are their mobile phones - they don't care for PCs). My point is if they did, we would have, for example, a proper backup of the mobile-phone exclusive Final Fantasy: Crisis Core game and the unique multiplayer-only content of PS2 Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Among many other things lost to time.
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