yo. about "character recruited" codes?

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User Info: adyatma

8 months ago#1
yo. i wanna ask. does character recruited codes really recruit the character or only make the character playable so we could put them in party?

because when i activated it, for example recruit jeane the hot rune mistress, the rune shop in my castle still not opened yet. and she still stayed on lelcar town.

User Info: KFCrispy

7 months ago#2
it's very possible her rune shop will only open in the castle after a certain point in the game.
another possibility is when you normally recruit Jeane in the game, there is a separate value switched on to enable the castle shop-- that would mean the code to set the recruitment status to 1 is not doing the game's full process for recruiting her, and you'd either have to find out how to set the rune shop status to the right value or un-recruit her and recruit her through the game the normal way.
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  3. yo. about "character recruited" codes?

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