this game is awesome.

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  3. this game is awesome.

User Info: FantomRell

9 years ago#1
Great game. Just what an arcade game should be, fast paced, flashy, easy to pick up.

User Info: Tidus9rules

9 years ago#2
It was supposed to come out on some systems. Guess that isn't going to happen. I can't find it anymore. At least my local theater still has Out Run 2.

User Info: bozz514

9 years ago#3
are there online forums with info on thsi game?
Yeah...I was stuck on the PRESS START screen for about five minutes because I kept pressing X...-RedneckPirate

User Info: davebrit2

9 years ago#4
Not really, but the game's official site (Japanese) has maps of all the stages:

Click any of the images to view the maps. Also, there are some videos on Youtube demonstrating an extremely high score run of the entire game (it's a three-parter):
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  3. this game is awesome.

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