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User Info: Geno64

11 years ago#1
So I first played Novice, and got everything except one ring.

The I started Normal, and I made a point to write down what I've got in each level:

1-1: 4
1-2: 5
2-1: 4
2-2: 4
3-1: 4
3-2: 5
4-1: 5
5-1: 1

So I'm guessing it's 1-1, 2-1, 2-2 or 3-1... sucks that that there's no in-game checklist. And yes, I already found all red chests.


User Info: xarugas03

11 years ago#2
actually it would only be from 2-1 or 2-2, since you get only 9 rings per stage set. (8 rings from x-1 and x-2 plus 1 from the red chest)

The only rings i think you're liable to miss in 2-1/2-2 would be the one under the last large platform area in 2-1, where you need to fly under. (you'll also find the Youngbird blood along the way) The most missable from 2-2 would be the one in the large gold straw room where you need the Wave magic.
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