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User Info: chigyro

13 years ago#1
how do you make money real fast?
mining?mob?if yes,how to do that.
i'm a newb here.please give advise.
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User Info: Dark_Aura275

13 years ago#2
Farm for hours on mobs >.<

Serioously get one dot mobs you can kill fast and just farm them other than that mine alot but I suggest doing that when you have 10m+ cauz it cost alot to process lol.

User Info: wanderz

13 years ago#3
i just sell the weapons that the monsters drop and usually have plenty of money.. way more then i need really... get a couple extra backpacks as soon as possible (you get one or two from mission, buy the rest) fill em up with weapons and sell away.. don't bother with armor tho, it sells really cheap generally.
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User Info: Dark_Aura275

13 years ago#4
The other option is to wait to be lvl40 and get a weapon with a wind element and a few upgrades if possible to farm on callianas.

User Info: UnicornRaline

13 years ago#5
if you want to have a lot of money, dont play as bellato driver. they're always broke.
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User Info: winterorchid

13 years ago#6
Just kill Ace Mobs with 3 dots or lower.
At lvl 40 : Ace Brutal, Ace Meat Clods, Hobo near Ether Station.
At lvl 45 : TC at Sette, Hobo at White Hole, Passer Beta at White Hole
At lvl 47-49 : Assassin Builder A, Calliana at White Hole
Ace mob drops 6-8 item per kill while ordinary mob drops 2-3 at max.
They are hard to kill, yes. Because of their high HP and attack. Just equip Vampire Intense weapon, or boost dodge rate.
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