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User Info: jacko_vdz

13 years ago#1
[quote]The tricky part here is
how to feed Gummies to your partners. Don't try letting them hold the Gummi; it
doesn't work. First, make sure that your partner is either already holding an
item or has the skill "Item Master" turned off. Next, turn so that you face
your partner, select the Gummi, and throw it at the partner.[/quote]

This is taken directly from the gummi faq. My question is how you actually face your partner, you can't just "turn around" without moving 1 step and your partner always moves when you do...
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User Info: chetoos849756

13 years ago#2
what you do is you press start or Y and then you press the d-pad in the direction you want to face and then throw the gummi at your teammate

User Info: ShinyMoogle

13 years ago#3
If you're playing Blue Rescue Team, you can also press (not tap) the direction you want to face to turn in that direction. I'm pretty sure letting your partner hold the Gummi and choosing "Use" under its menu should work, though.
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User Info: barboid

13 years ago#4
it's much more advantageous to feed the gummi in the friend area. not only does it increase their iq by more, they also gain a increase in a random stat. once i fed about four or five to my mew and all the stats increased 'significantly' on the last one.
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User Info: Jolteon_fan

13 years ago#5
easy way:
Let them hold it and then go to the items screen and scroll until you see the pokemon with the gummi, press "use"
voila, they ate it and it never fails.
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User Info: jacko_vdz

13 years ago#6
Okay thanks, I think I'll save my gummis as I was intending to use most on Mudkip but I'm only up to the Jumpluff mission. It's not like I'm going to be getting any awesome IQ moves anytime soon though.
Not even a hentai rally could stop Advokaiser, Guru champion!
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