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User Info: FatesRanker

9 years ago#1
Someone made doujin (for those who don't know it's like a fan made manga) about tales of the abyss.

It features new main characters ( the main dude is natalia and guy's kid)

The Art is great! Seriously I've never seen someone have such a nice style on the internet and actually updates. Yeah the artist does update!

It takes place after TOA obviously and Luke is the one who comes back in it...

and it seems to have a good story since it makes me laugh a lot.

Anyway, just showing if anyone wanted to see someone eles's idea's of what comes next after tales of the abyss.

Links are in order of where to go next in reading- oh and its reads left to right not like usualy janapese manga.





This link is like an bonus chapter the artist made i think....



User Info: Anakerie

9 years ago#2
Is Jade there? Please tell me it includes Jade. And Dist.
Meeting with Mr. Sleepy. Do not disturb.


9 years ago#3
I thought this was doujin doujin....this is just fan art
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