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User Info: Dak_Darklighter

12 years ago#1

Well, I for one thought that the voice acting for the radio transmissionswere brilliant, however critics disagree. Or maybe they're talking about the random quotes generated from the live troops that are with you in battle. If so, I agree. The radio transmissions actually sound like what you'd expect people to say in the kind of situation that Earth Defence Force 2017 puts you in, unlike other next-gen games. All their voice acting is too sharp and too clever to think about in those situations. Post you favourite radio transmission from the Commander, Ranger, Storm or Scout teams and the Analyst here.

Also check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbTn_avFT0M&feature=channel_page if you're looking for a soundtrack from the game. It's the only one i've been able to get so far but when I have equipment to record sound off T.V I'll get the rest. Rate and comment if you check it out.

User Info: MrMikeMa

12 years ago#2
my favorite had to be on the final battle with the mothership, after it did the huge blast to wipe out all your troops, and they can see that one more person survivied the blast.

the commander says something like :

"It's storm 01....he's still fighting and giving it all he's got!"

it makes the game feel so epic at what a hero that your nameless, faceless person really is.

User Info: LobsterCactus

12 years ago#3
i agree with MrMikeMa

the first time i beat the game and heard all those radio commands... it was just plain awesome. failure was not an option after hearing that sequence of radio commands!

User Info: Dak_Darklighter

12 years ago#4

Here's just a few of mine that i thought were full of epicness or tension...

"You killed everyone! My family, my friends... CURSE YOU SCUM, DIE!!"

"What's it gonna take to BRING YOU DOWN!!?"

"HQ, HQ! The nest is just too full of bugs! We're all gonna die if we don't get out of here! Requesting permission to retreat!" ".....Permission Denied. Keep fighting!"

User Info: PizzaDaHutt

12 years ago#5

Not a radio transmission but i will always treasure the moment when one of my troops asked to another:

T1:Are you Scared?

T2: I agree.

Best. Line. Ever.

User Info: Weeza_Mon

12 years ago#6
One of the transmissions at the start of an early level. "The aliens are feeding off humans, we have to kill these people eating monsters." or something like that but I always hear "the aliens are beating off humans." lol

User Info: Kwanto

12 years ago#7
Almost every time we start a mission:

"Destroy them all.."

I comply by destroying the nearest mall.

@ PizzaDaHutt: that line cracked me up so hard i got wasted by the last spider left.

User Info: geelw

12 years ago#8
the funny thing is, some reviews say the game has no story, but if you actually listen to those transmissions, you basically hear the sound of things falling apart worldwide.

this reminds me of playing Space Hack (PC), a great kill 'em all action/RPG whos story is told mostly through datapads scattered throughout the massive starship your character is trapped on. some of the messages are pretty grim, particularly the ones where you see how bad the situation has deteriorated since the first message...

"It's just a jump to the left..."

User Info: AikonMonk

12 years ago#9
On one of the earlier missions, the commander says, "Don't attack the spaceships, we aren't sure they are related!" Talking about the sudden attack of bugs and appearance of ships... Friggin' moron! I shot all my fellow EDF soldiers just for that comment.

User Info: Weeza_Mon

12 years ago#10
"The bugs are moving around and attacking people."
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