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User Info: KajeI

4 years ago#1
Reposted because some salty suckers got the original deleted. Good thing i have backups :6)

Response to Moogi.

Tier list ****: MMCafe tier list maker comes up on the fourth page of google results when i search "Tier list", behind such illustrious websites such as "www.tomshardware.com", "gaming.stackexchange.com", and "www.mercenarystar.net". It comes up immediately when i search "Tier list maker" though, but that largely seems to be because it's the only tier list maker of it's kind on the entire ****ing internet.

"i didnt make a topic that got deleted"

I never said you made a topic dumbass.

"I was feeling bad that whoever put the work into this had the topic deleted so quick."

Nowhere does that say "Mugi made a topic that got deleted", what it says is "Someone made a topic about this tier list and it was deleted (and i felt bad for them partially because i thought the topic maker had made the list)".


"i didn't make a tier list because I was "prompted" by anything, are you REDACTED"



Literally the first result when used as a verb.

verb (used with object)

to move or induce to action: "What prompted you to say that?"

I'd assume you have the brainpower to comprehend basic english, but you've repeatedly shown that to be a faulty assumption at best so i'll take it slow. Something made you decide to make your tier list. Whether it was someone saying "Hey Mugi, you should make a tier list" or you randomly thought "I should make a tier list!" or whatever, the thing didn't just appear out of thin air fully formed like ****ing Athena, so something PROMPTED you to decide to make it, just like something PROMPTED you to post it.


"i didnt remember that tier list until you mentioned it now, and even then, shyguy is a ****ing REDACTED who doesn't know **** about anything in the community anyway."

A: Shyguy ain't stupid and you know it, you're just a biased ****lord using a generic insult because you don't like that he (rightfully) put you in the bottom tiers.

B: The only two people i remember complaining about the list were Tekutso and you. Coincidentally both of you happened to be bottom tier in the list. PBR and others complained that they'd been left out of the list or were in the wrong places (and then backed up their claims), which Shyguy fixed for the most part.

C: The initial tier list was purely his, but the other people participating in the topic also made fixes to the list that more or less everyone agreed on. So even if he himself didn't know anything about the community (which is laughable in itself but you gotta make **** up because you don't have any legitimate complaints and you know it but you wanna whine anyway like the ticked off child you are, if you had a legitimate complaint you'd have used those complaints instead), the community worked towards fixing/improving it themselves. So unless you wanna say that the gamefaqs community at the time "didn't know ****" about itself (a REDACTED claim that i'm sure is well within your capabilities to make despite the obvious idiocy, seeing how that's never stopped you before), you're wrong again.

D: Your little clique (and the rest of the social board) aren't the entirety of the community you caustic chode, get your babysitter to pull your head out of your diaper. The social board isn't the majority of the LoLfaqs community, it's the "cool kids" table (or equivalent, it could be a club or "secret spot" or whatever) at a ****ing highschool.

Gang leader: "Stop defiling my superior mayo with your impure ketchup, degenerate punk!"
And thus the turf war leading to Luna's mom's death began.

User Info: KajeI

4 years ago#2
"this "odd rating scheme" tier list is the only official tier list accepted by the entire fighting game community, so im honestly not even sure why you're being a pissy ***** about it either"

"The only official tier list accepted by the entire fighting game community."

"The only official tier list accepted by the entire FGC."

First off, you're REDACTED for trying that bull**** on me. Second, your written skills appear to be stuck in lower middle school level, all you do is throw (terrible, horrible, weakass) insults and expletives, make inherently obviously flawed claims, and try to pass off your opinion as incontrovertible fact. You'd be laughed off the podium in a actual debate AND laughed off the street with the lame game you bring. Excuse the slang, but don't step to anyone man, it's physically painful to watch you try.

Now then lemme just... http://bit.ly/15q57jn. Well look at that, MMCafe doesn't appear at all, or at least not before i got bored on page 12. Honestly when Rumble Fighter comes up before your **** website it's not lookin good. So let's go find some good tier lists eh?


http://www.eventhubs.com/tiers/sf4/ : All tiers on the main site appear to use the same score based system.

http://tinyurl.com/mq9fzok: Now this one uses MMcafe's website, but you'll note it doesn't use the graph in the way i complained about (which are apparently the default settings your lazy ass didn't feel like changing). Top tier to Bottom on the Y axis and Weak Support to Strong Support on the X axis. Though it does have the annoying comments in the list itself. Also note that that's a supplement to the actual tier list, which operates under the fairly widespread God/High Tier to Bottom Tier classifications.

http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Marvel_vs_Capcom_2/Tiers: Another Shoryuken link, also a God to Bottom (with Roll tier because MVC2 Roll) list.

http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Anarchy_Reigns/Tier_list: Platinum to Bronze rating.

http://wiki.shoryuken.com/Virtua_Fighter_5:_Final_Showdown: SS to E tier.

http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/9544-xrd-tier-discussion/ : S to B/C. Other tier lists on the site use the same rating scheme from what i saw.


http://www.ssbwiki.com/Tier_list: SS/S to D/F depending on the game.

Now you'll note that none of these happen to use the "Has faults vs Well Rounded" thing i complained about. In fact, only one of these happens to use MMcafe's tier list maker at all and it's a version that i don't take issue with. Damn bro, guess that site's as official as your intelligence huh? Generally making fun of the handicapped ain't a thing i do cause it makes me feel bad, but i'll make an exception for you. You've earned it!

"The only official tier list accepted by the entire fighting game community"

Top. Kek.

Gang leader: "Stop defiling my superior mayo with your impure ketchup, degenerate punk!"
And thus the turf war leading to Luna's mom's death began.

User Info: KajeI

4 years ago#3
"guess you're ****ing salty that you're bottom tier trash but it's the people who are the most trash that complain the hardest anyway"

So many things here, lets go.

1: Nope, not salty. You're a shallow, elitist, horribly biased, temperamental manchild with lacking self control and can't see your own flaws, admit wrongness or fault, who constantly displays questionable (at best) empathy combined with a tendancy to act as if your **** opinions are 100% trufax and the only way anyone could disagree is if they're mentally challenged, plus you have a complete inability to respond even vaguely maturely to anything that happens to annoy you even a bit. It's like your parents took a spoiled rich girl from My Super Sweet 16, mixed it with a precocious toddler who wasn't born with any empathy, spawned you and then left the underaged maid to raise you while they went on with their lives.

I wasn't mad about my position when i first saw it in the deleted topic and had no idea who made it, but when i found out you made it it immediately became hilarious because it was exactly what i expect from you. I'd be far more surprised if i was anywhere other than absolute lowest tier in anything you made. I don't get mad when people live up to my expectations, that'd be stupid.

2: "but it's the people who are the most trash that complain the hardest anyway." I'm fairly sure most of your posts on gamefaqs (I don't care about your posts on the social board) fall into 3 (usually) overlapping categories. A: Being a jackass for no good reason. B: *****ing and/or ranting about stupid **** for stupid reasons. C: Maybe something approaching a C- tier post occasionally with the exceedingly rare "good" post. Even then when i criticized your monstrosity of a list list you blew up and threw a tantrum like a spoiled child, and that's not a uncommon response to anything that makes you unhappy from what i've seen. Can you put together Aye-Ron-E and tell me what it says?

On a tier list with 84 people in it, you came in at an astounding 78th place and what did you do? ***** and moan and try to act like it was a terrible list instead of taking the chance to present yourself in a way that would've defied your ranking and maybe made people reconsider. Well. Played. Shame no one (not even anyone on the social board) even tried to defend you or get your place moved at all.

3: Amazing how you managed to interpret my post as complaining hard or loudly. What a sheltered world you must've grown up in.


And that's my response. Don't bother responding or anything, i don't give half a **** what you think about anything (not that i couldn't guess, it's pretty easy to follow your thought processes once i can bear to stand the pain of imagining what it's like being so dumb) and have next to no interest in you as a person. As far as i'm concerned any of our interactions will purely be fuel to help me stay awake when i'm pulling a 24+ hour day and trying to avoid passing out.

I will say this though, you have a single good quality. Your taste in anime and related media is pretty good for the most part. Otherwise you're a tool i'll use to keep myself awake and entertained, but beyond that you're not worth tolerating (and i doubt i'll ever think you will be) and everyone who can find it in themselves to do so is a far better person than i'll ever care to be. Good on them.

Now I'm done with this high school feud ****. Get back to felching with the rest of them and don't waste the time trying to bother me again until you've upped your game and are worth the time.

To anyone else reading this, hello! He literally asked for it and i had the time (waking up at 3 AM, not much to do). I finished this around... I dunno, 10ish this morning but i forgot to post it elsewhere in anticipation of him accusing me of welching. This has been rather cathartic though, you should try it.
Gang leader: "Stop defiling my superior mayo with your impure ketchup, degenerate punk!"
And thus the turf war leading to Luna's mom's death began.
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