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Some formations I use:

Phalanx: 2-3 dungball rollers, 1 ladybug. Infantry fight together as mutual support and are healed by the lady, who doubles their fighting strength.

Phalanx + Cavalry - phalanx above + 1 or 2 fast creatures,such as butterflies,which can fly over enemies and travel 3 squares.

Dark Storm: 2 dung beetles+ Dark Emperor + fairy + ladybug queen. Dung beetles act as heavy infantry, Emperor as combination reserve and fast cavalry and shock, fairy to convert enemies. Ladybug as king to heal and keep everyone else effective.

Artillery Brigade: 2-3 bazoo beetles salvoing from long range while dung beetles up front keep the bad guys at range. 9 shots will badly disrupt the enemy formation and wreck their day.

Charm School: 1 Fairy and 1 Ladybug. The ladybug heals the fairy to continue subverting enemy pieces.

Care and Feeding of Insectors.

My own personal diet is as follows:

1) Banana (+5 HP)

2) Meat (+2 ATK)

3) Grog (+2 DEF)

4) Yago Milk (+1 HP, +1 all resistances save confusion, -1 confusion

5) Juraikan Coffee (+2 confusion, counterbalances yago milk).

Repeat until stats max out, then substitute something else on this list until resistances start maxing out, at which point yago milk+coffee are replaced with individual status resistance foods (smoked rainbow newt, electric eel, for example).

Final Notes on the White Miracle:

The White Miracle is Dr. Pocachio's king in the second round of Rank S. It moves 1 square, has 999 hp, ACE ranking, and very high resistance. It is extremely dangerous because for its special attack it hits all adjacent squares , like the mantis. Unlike the Mantis, this causes confusion to all surrounding enemies who will be hit again and again, so this insector can't be dogpiled.

Thus, the basic strategies for taking down this monster:

First, take down its four companion insectors. If you've made it this far, they're nothing special. It's better, if possible, to charm them with a fairy than it is to kill them outright, because this

gives you extra lives to face the Miracle. If you can't do this, if at all possible try to eject them from the field; your own insectors must take as little damage as possible to have strength left for the White Miracle.

The white miracle itself will walk slowly around the board, often hunkering down in the bottom right corner where it is difficult to throw and moreover limits the number of enemies that can reach it at once to three. This lack of aggression will work to our advantage.

From here there are two paths:

1. Find a special attack that works on the Miracle and use it. The miracle has defenses against all specials > 100 but I believe it is still possible to hit it, at least with an insector rated ACE (level 6), though it may take several tries. The most obvious special attack is to sting it with a bee, then stand back and let it sit by itself in the corner until it falls over. Another option is to blast it with a bazoo beetle's cannon, and Dr. Pocachio conveniently brings one along. If you are very lucky, walk an itsahorse up to it and kick it off the board. Or , if you have a steggy and at least three other insects, line them up, move the steggy into position and have it throw the Miracle over its shoulder, bouncing on down the conga line of insects and out of play.

2. If the special attacks aren't working, the next trick is to bring up the insectors one at a time, make a hit, get confused, withdraw for healing if available, return and hit again. Then onto the next one. This is an expensive strategy because the white miracle never fails to inflict confusion with its circle attack, even against insectors with 100 confusion resistance. It is best for this reason to have a lady bug. Thus, if you can get insectors back from the attack, allow the hurt to surround the lady on the 4 cardinal directions so a healing jig will cure them all as much as possible, then send them back one at a time. It's also useful to use a fairy to grab as many extra attackers from Dr. Pocachio's group as possible; Some of them seem as if they are specifically chosen for their utility against the White Miracle.

Those are my thoughts. I hope you have as much fun playing as I did!


Brian P.