3 months ago #2

10 Springtail Like the flutterbug, a fast insector which can fly 3 squares in any direction and thus suitable as air cavalry, rushing to the defense or to exploit opportunities. Its special attack confuses the enemy for two turns, allowing your other insectors to capitalize on the opportunity to pummel the victim while defenseless. I still don't rank it as highly because I prefer the flutterbug's ability to blow away enemies, a potential instakill.

11 Knife Beetle An effective slow fighting infantry combatant who can use the saber on the nose to perform a slash, inflicting massive damage without suffering any in return. Consider using against white miracle if the bug is a a high enough level that the blow can hit without being countered.

12 Hercules beetle A powerful infantry combatant. In addition to being a powerful slugger, can push enemies back one square. May be possible to eject a piece but I've never seen it happen. More often, if there are several enemies lined up the first bug will bounce backward into the second, and so on in a chain reaction damaging all the bugs in the row. A neat trick but very situational.

13 Flipperbug A so-so infantry combatant, it's special ability is a shovel which allows it to either flip an insector over or dig a hole. A flipped insector will be helpless and defenseless for two turns, allowing other insectors to storm in and gang up while the creature is helpless, ideal for a final powerful king. I've never seen a hole dug and not entirely sure what use it would be; in addition to making an obstacle, perhaps an enemy can be defeated by pushing it into the hole? But that's work for two bugs when you're better off just throwing them with a flutterbug or a steggy. The hole can be filled in by a dung beetle.

14 Mantis Another powerful infantry combatant, its special ability is to inflict damage on enemies in every square adjacent, potentially hitting all 5 enemy insectors with the right geometry. I don't care for it myself because the use requires you to rush it all alone in the middle of the enemy force , which will certainly gang up and destroy it in a turn, so you'll only really get one use out of it. Still, I love it when the enemy has a mantis and I have a fairy, because I can charm the mantis, then walk it into the middle of the enemy formations, slashing in all directions, to go down in a blaze of glory.

15 Bombsnail The bombsnail is an artillery piece which can either roll a bomb into enemies, damaging both ally and enemy in all adjacent squares to the detonation. Alternatively, it can detonate itself and inflict damage in all directions. A very tricky insector to use properly because of the potential for friendly fire. I prefer charming enemy bombsnails into blowing up in the middle of the enemy formation to using them myself.

16 Cutterpillar A ground combatant much like the lance in Shogi; it can charge straight forward and smash into an enemy without taking a counterattack. The weakness of this move is that it only works straight ahead, and by this time you're probably surrounded by enemy insectors. In my view, if you want a piece you can do this kind of damage, choose a Hercules beetle instead, which works in all four cardinal directions and can damage pieces behind as well.

17 Silkspider A very fast ground combatant, its weakness is its special attack which I have never seen the computer use, not even once. Nor have I ever been able to use it effectively myself. The spider can drop a web which slows all movement in it to just one square (don't know if this effects flyers) and can also apparently act as a "net" to catch thrown insectors, preventing ejection from the playing field. I prefer something a bit more lethal and less special purpose, but it does have some really good speed as a saving grace.

18 Hopper A ground insect that can leap over its enemies. Apparently, leaping over enemies inflicts a debuff on them but I've never seen this effectively used. The leaping ability might be useful for a king to quickly escape from a bad predicament; I don't know if the rules for a king preclude the use of leaping. Still, the insector that comes in dead last, at least in my score of utility.

When I say "infantry" , I mean a ground based unit that can move one square in any direction and can fight enemy insectors toe-to-toe on a roughly even basis. A Hercules is an exceptional infantry unit; the fragile fairy is not.