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User Info: Ricotta

5 months ago#1
I'm trying to build my first insector team and from what I've read only male insectors can rank up from breading. Is there any way to rank up a female insector?
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User Info: pendell

1 month ago#2
Three months old but answering anyway:
Sure, it's not hard to rank up a female insector. The trick is to mate her with a lower ranked male insector. A newly born insector will always take the family of the higher ranked parent, unless 1) This is one of the special breeding pairs (see below) or 2) The parents are of the same level. It's only in this second case that the baby will take after the male parent.
So If you mate two bugs of the same level (for example, a female lady beetle (level 1) with a male bazoo beetle (level 1)), you'll get a baby Big Bazoo Beetle (level 2). So the thing to do in this case is instad to mate a female Lovely Lady (level 2) with a male bazoo beetle. In this case, you get a Spotted Lady (level 3).

Happily, most bugs in the wild are going to be of level 1, 2, or 3. So if you have a female of level 3, the trick is to find a male mate of level 1 or 2. You're only out of luck if you find a female level 1 that you really want to keep; there's just no way unless you can find a male of the exact same family. And even then, you can run afoul of the special breeding rules.

The special rules (for instance, mating two particular kinds of fairy give a flutterbug rather than a fairy) are discussed here:


Good luck!


Brian P.
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