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User Info: liamx2000

2 years ago#11
jericho777 posted...
I was gonna max out the Frog Log, but it seemed kinda pointless and way too time consuming. So I'm only doing it for Jaster, Zegram and Deego. Its my manly-man team. Hahaha. Maxing out everything else though, so much fun. Would be nice if people would take some screenshots of their end game stats to share and compare. I'm at 100 hours so far, still damn fun.

This is one of my all time favorite RPG's , I love the story , Music , Gameplay , Cast , Planets , for a PS2 game it has so much , it's also gives me Studio Ghibili vibes at times.

My favorite track would have to be Planet Zerard -

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User Info: EvilResident

2 years ago#12
What game is this most similar to that I would probably know of?

User Info: Just_US_Gamers

2 years ago#13
This game is pretty stand alone. Hard to compare it to another. I’m 140 hours in. Still have not beat the Insector tournament or the ghost ship extreme. I have the hunting log left to do as well. Going for platinum. No missable trophy so why not?

User Info: Shinobiashy

2 years ago#14
Yeah, after im done with KHIIFM im absolutely re-playing Rogue Galaxy (maybe 100% it), my ps2 is still alive and kicking, been enjoying the hell out of it!

User Info: Vamp_Wraith

2 years ago#15
Meeee. But on classic ps2
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User Info: vincentw

2 years ago#16
hmm save data has been damaged.
Playing from the start then...
No blitz please...

User Info: bennyboobuddy

2 years ago#17
I'm playing it right now, on the PS2 Slim, Whoa..sorry Vince

User Info: JaxxSC

2 years ago#18
At the final save spot in the game (not including post campaign). Frustrated as I've died on Jasters segment (the very last fight of a long list of unsavable fights) and die due to carelessness. Will try a 3rd time tomorrow.
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User Info: starcrunch061

2 years ago#19
Playing it now myself. I hate it, but I’ll plat it. What genius decided that it was a good idea to have your party members chime in every 30 seconds, complaining about the path you take?

User Info: setablazebyyou

2 years ago#20
About to start it on ps4 for the first time ever
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