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User Info: RPGCrazied

4 years ago#31
Trophies aside, it still looks better on PCSX2 with graphical enhancements. If you have a PC that can run it that is.
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User Info: LancetJades

4 years ago#32
VegaGG posted...
Insector S rank trophy sucks

It's not that hard to do, just time-consuming. I generally don't touch the actual tournaments until I have my team of 5 maxed out to 999 HP and 100 in all other stats. The only real trick beyond that is choosing good insectors for your team, with good specials. My recommendations are as follows:

Dung Roller: Use as your king. The dung ball will take a hit for free and is regenerated the start of the second turn after losing it. There is literally no reason to ever use any other king, with the possible exception of Dark Emperor. But then, use one as king anyways so the Dark Emperor can go out terrorize with impunity. If you have enough Dark Emperors to make one a king anyways, well, time is clearly irrelevant to you.

Lady Beetle: Healing is absolutely amazing, and it also cures poison. You could even use two so they can heal each other, but matches typically shouldn't last long enough for the Lady Beetle herself to need healing, unless she's out on the front lines. Move your formation around her so that your team finishes their turns in range of her healing for even more efficient battling.

Butterfly: The longest movement range in the game and a technique that can instakill an insector on the top row of the board. Many times, the enemy will keep their king on the top row their second turn, allowing me to swoop the Butterfly in and one-shot their team. This is amazingly powerful in the S-rank tournaments (doubly so for round 2) as it can one-shot Dark Emperors and even the mighty White Miracle. Other insectors have ways to knock enemies off of the board, too (Itsadog and Stag Beetle, for two, and Dark Emperor's regular attack) but the Butterfly's movement range is what makes it so useful.

Springtail: One tile less movement than Butterfly, but that's still great, and it's special will paralyze the enemy insector for 2 turns. Again, like any ability, it can work on ANY insector.

Stag Beetle: It can throw enemies off of the field if it is directly between the enemy and the edge of the board, or if insectors (friend or foe) are lined up behind it to the edge of the board.

Hercules Beetle: Its special can penetrate multiple enemies, dealing half as much to each successive enemy.
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User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
4 years ago#33
drclaeys posted...

Dawn_Ultra posted...
My only complaint is there is no 16x9 option. I may be confused with Final Fantasy XII, but I thought this game had that option too. I just don't think Steve can be contained by a 4x3 ratio.

Steve the robot?? he is that sexy or followed?? I never know he was a thing.

Do a topic search for Steve sometime. "Steve is so hot" is Dawn's schtick.

The game's great. I myself am pleased enough people talk about it to have kept it on the board list (even if the reduction to one active topic dropped it off) so long after its launch. Level-5 does incredible work, and the game has a solid story, a great cast, and plenty of good gameplay (except when they throw fights at you that force you to use cheese tactics.... well, nobody's perfect).

Yeah, Insectron is a pretty neat minigame, but its S rank really is terrible. Stat-ramping is NOT real difficulty, it's artificial difficulty!

As for DQ8 - great game, would be nice to see them put it on the PS4 (even though I don't have one yet), but they seem to have it lined up for the n3DS.
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User Info: theos91

4 years ago#34
I never heard of this game till I saw it on the flash sale. This game is amazing I don't know how it flew under my radar on its original release.
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User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#35
Maybe one day we can see a sequel...
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User Info: liamx2000

4 years ago#36
It's just one of the best games I have played , It's a real adventure and there is so much to do.
Not to mention it has one of the best OST's I have ever heard. Love Planet Zerard

User Info: gamemaster712

4 years ago#37
And will fridle voices jasper....
Lord of gaming!!! (probably) 2DS FC: 2122-9429-5521 Y: Sean (2787); X: Lily (3181); OGTG hax breeder/DEGI
Life's too short for silly worries, have fun.
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