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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

12 years ago#1
I'm going to call it right here and now. If the actual game turns out like this, I'll be suprised.

-Main Cast-
Claire Redfield- A survivor of the Raccoon City tragedy, as well as incidents at Rockfort Island, Antarctica, and Harvardville Airport. Still a member of TerraSave, her company soon learns that Tricell is experimenting with two people who Claire is familiar with...

Chris Redfield- Now a miserable mess, Chris' almost at the breaking point in his life. The Spencer Mansion, saving his sister, Russia, Jill, and Kijuju. He can't forget. How could he? Tricell is still up and running, and the B.S.A.A. have just found out some startling information. Chris, thinking how Claire is, knows his sister's going to do something stupid.

Leon Kennedy- After dealing with the Harvardville Airport incident, Leon is told by his superiors to "take a break and go on a vacation or something". He enjoys his time off, and sees his old friends. After Leon's vacation, the President tells him classified info on Tricell, regarding Sherry Birkin. Leon's face went pale.

Sherry Birkin- Thought to have been given into "safe hands" by Leon, Sherry was actually in Umbrella's possesion, but when Umbrella was destroyed, she fell into the hands of Wesker and Tricell. Tricell soon learned that a G-Embryo still remained in Sherry's body, and if given doses of the G-Virus, the Embryo would be revived.

Steve Burnside- The day Steve died next to Claire, something strange happened to him. When Wesker returned to base, he had Steve cryogenically frozen, and the T-Veronica virus inside of him began to work the same way as it had on Alexia. Wesker remembered that Alexia too had died when injected with T-Veronica, and was frozen. That created the "perfected" form of Alexia that Wesker encountered. He just needed some time with Steve.
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User Info: OCres

12 years ago#2
i hope not. enough of Claire and Leon, i'm starting to get sick of them.

User Info: SpArKz_666

12 years ago#3
I think the merchant should have his own game. Man would it be awesome to play as him. Just annoy the enemies to death.

User Info: darkarkmar

12 years ago#4
^^ over priced weapons might be the best way

User Info: StarDestinyGuy

12 years ago#5
Not enough cash stranger!
Not enough cash stranger!
Not enough cash stranger!
Not enough cash stranger!
Not enough cash stranger!

*enemy's head explodes*
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User Info: Robert_78

12 years ago#6

User Info: DoubleOhBehave

12 years ago#7
Get rid of Leon,and Chris, and add in a new male lead.
Make Steve return as some kind of monster.
And bam. we got a winner.

User Info: ryouma17

12 years ago#8
make a human male zombie the lead character

the story can be about how he survived the raccoon city acident and now he is struggling to fit into society because of the way he looks and the fact that he is highly contagiuse

he then deems life as unfit and unfair and decides to do what no zombie has ever done before

sue the united states of america

he says people are racist calling him zombie face

and makeing fun of him cause all his flesh is rotted out and falling off his body

it can be a two disc game

and its quite the love story

you'll laugh you'll cry and you'll get angry as this zombie try's to earn his place amoung the other people living in america

User Info: mikeyg756

12 years ago#9
^^^ That , my friend... is a true game.

User Info: Red_Pachyderm

12 years ago#10

I'd like to see a Rebecca/Barry pairing for RE6; sort of an oldest and youngest former STARS combo.

With the talk of RE6 sort of being a reboot, I'd like to take that as going back to zombies who aren't slowed by being shot, and take almost an entire mag before they go down; narrow, claustrophobia-inducing corriders; less ammo and weapons. They can keep the new camera angle, or maybe even have portions that use the new camera combined with portions that use the old static camera. If done correctly, that could be a truly awesome mix of old and new style Resident Evil.

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