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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#1
*His Old Friend G was standing before him, smiling. *

Rogan: G!!

G: Good to see you again old friend.

Rogan: I thought you died of cancer.

G: That was all a cover, a cheap ploy Rogan. In reality, I had been kidnapped by Harry Harris and Richard Garrett.

*Flashback sequence.*

G: I had been recovering and taking time off after all the fighting that had taken its toll on me. I was going over some old case files that I managed to take hold of before AMS had been completely disbanded. As I was going over them, I noticed that the front door of my home had been breached. The next thing I knew, I was knocked out.

When I woke up, I had been tortured by Richard Garrett. He was interested in taking control of all the case files regarding the Original Zombie outbreak incident in Bayou City, Louisiana, which I and then Agent Washington were assigned to. Files on Key players such as Warden Clement Darling, Roy Curien, Celeb Goldman, were all files that Garrett was trying to acquire. I never broke, but they had kept me locked up ever since.

*Return to present time*

G: That is why I am here.

*Harris begins to sarcastically clap*

Harry Harris: Nice little plot moving there Agent G, but you are all going to die here!

Rogan: Give me one good Reason, why I should put you out of your misery Harry.

Harry Harris: You'd miss the best part of my plan. You see, the virus that I have unleashed just so happened to come from a vial that was left on the floor which contained The Wheel of Fate. That vial was the key to the whole Human Genome theorem. I figured young Daniel would have known what to do with it, but even he was oblivious to the powers of the contents. This is the reason why the world has collapsed, if not the sole reason. With all of you dead and out of the way, it will only be a matter of time till I become the epicenter of the world anew. I WILL BE THE LIGHT AND THE ANSWER and there is nothing that you all can do to change that.

*Harry removes his coat quickly and pulls out a syringe*

Harry: I have always wanted power, which is why I played along with Goldman, duping all of the AMS for many years, and although the injury I suffered at the hands of Strength wasn't part of the plan, my ultimate goal was about to be reached. And just like God cast down the Devil to the pits of hell because of his desire for power and overthrow, I am going to take my power and damn you all and this planet to HELL!

*Harris pauses and then injects himself. He begins to slowly spaz out, and then he smiles evily and he begins to slowly transform into a giant Red Devilsh creature. Peterson looks on in shock*

Jimmy: You have got to be kidding......

*They all prep their guns and then Lisa realizes Daniel still restrained, back to human form*

Lisa: Dad, Daniel!

Rogan: You take care of him my daughter. G and I have some catching up to do.

*Rogan and G give each other a smile and nod and then Jimmy and Gary join behind them and all aim*

Harry: WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR.....DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
"The King of Extreme. The Miser of Hardcore"

User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#2
*They fire rapidly at Harry, he manages to deflect all the bullets, which are bouncing off his arms and he laughs. He begins to take giant swipes at our heroes who managed to duck and dodge his attacks. Lisa, meanwhile is freeing Daniel from the strap. He awakes.*

Daniel: Lisa......

*Lisa has tears running down her eyes*

Lisa: Daniel, baby. I thought I was going to never see you again.

Daniel: I am here darling and I am going to always protect you til the ends of time.

*She kisses him and he pulls her in for a long kiss. They both continue on towards our heroes. The battle rages on, Devil seems impurvious to most bullets, and knocks down Jimmy and is going in for the kill, when all of a sudden.....Gary comes out of nowhere and drags Jimmy out of the way. *

Jimmy: Thanks.

Gary: No problem kid.

Rogan: G, can you believe this? After all the years we have worked on cases, have you ever seen anything like this?

G: When I was younger and more of a loose cannon, believe me I saw a thing or two.

Rogan: You think we are getting too old for this?

G: As long as this threat remains Thomas, we grow alright.....sick and tired of it!

*They each laugh and continue to shoot at Devil, who seems to have finally stopped. It turns its attention over to Lisa, and then is about to Chomp down on her...*

Harry: GOODBYE!!!!

*Daniel in slow motion quickly jumps in fron of Lisa, armed with a missle launcher.*

Daniel: Good night mother(expletive deleted)!

*He fires it directly into the mouth of Devil and its a direct hit which sends the creature screaming and then completely exploding into a giant fireball. Everyone stares as the dust clears and nothing remains anymore.*

Jimmy: Alright guys wooo! We did it!

*They all stare at him*

Jimmy: What!?

*They laugh and then each are attending to one another. As they are walking off towards Kate and Stick, Daniel narrates.*

Life is always a journey. Sometimes things happen and the only thing we as human beings can do is merely react to them. Having the moral support and backing of our friends is something that is the only relief. The future was bright for the first time in a long time

*Daniel is given the cure adminstered by Gary. Daniel relaxes and then comes to smiles. Everyone is worn and torn on the Arizona City Police helicopter. Narration continues*

Despite what my father had done, deep down I knew he loved me. He gave a damn about me and that is all we can sometimes ask for in this world. I had carried the burden of his sins for many years, but now that burden has been lifted and alleviated.

*Cuts to Daniel and Lisa at home*

Lisa and I have already started a family. She's expecting and she is due any day now. The Cure has gone into mass production and many have been saved and innoculated. The Government has recoginzed me with the Nobel Peace Prize, and despite my clear lack of deservance of such an honor, I take it not just for me, but for my father.

*Cutscene of a younger Roy Curien holding up his baby boy Daniel*

I know that he is very proud of me. He saved my life and allowed me to continue on, sending himself into madness......only to save me.

His memory, his work, was wrong, but he will always be my father.

*Shots of Daniel, Lisa, Jimmy, Rogan and G, Kate and Gary and Stick all standing above a plateau of somekind staring off into the sunset*

Everything had been restored.......Life was beginning over again. Hope was such a splendid thing indeed, because the planet had been saved and life was starting over. The years of destruction were over and the 24 Hour Nightmare was over.

The Future has never been any brighter.

The End
"The King of Extreme. The Miser of Hardcore"
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