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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#1
*Rogan and the other dust themselves up after the explosions. The helicopter dissappears into the distance.*

Rogan: Everyone okay!!??

*Everyone begins to get up and dust themselves off. Gary and Stick walk over to Rogan, Lisa and Jimmy.*

Gary: Good plan Thomas. I can only hope that we can get a concrete location on where our friend Harry Harris is being taken too.

*Lisa begins to hear a GPS beep coming from the handheld on the ground. She walks over to it very closely and dusts off the screen. A bleep appears on the screen.*

Lisa: Guys, I think this may be a possible clue.

*They group all walks over to Lisa and they see the handheld GPS*

Rogan: That must be Harry!

Jimmy: How can you tell?

Rogan: Based on the locations on the map, it clearly shows it above ground and Harry did say he was bringing a tracker on that so called "cure".

Kate: We must follow it right away!

Stick: Look, the blip has stopped.

*They all look curiously, when the camera zooms in on Rogan's eyes, which go to a state of shock.*

Rogan: Oh my god.

Lisa: Where is it?

Rogan: The Curien Mansion, where it all began for me back on December 18th, 1998. We must go over there and defeat Garrett, for the planet's sake.

*They each look at each other and then they give a quick smile and they get ready for the final battle of their lives.*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#2
*Our heroes travel by vehicle to the location on the map. Lisa looks over at her father who looks somewhat contempt*

Lisa: So dad, what's wrong?

Thomas Rogan: This is the place where It all began. All the chaos and destruction that has manefested this planet for several long years. That mansion is the epicenter of all this world's greatest threats. It is here, where we must finish this. I thought I lost your mother here.

Lisa: You did?

Thomas Rogan: Yes. It was very hard for me to go on through the mission, but we were in a surprise.

*flashback starts up with Rogan and G about to leave the house, December 23, 1998*

Rogan: Wait there's one more thing, G. Sophie's body?

G: Rogan, don't worry. The crew will have it properly taken care of when they arrive here.

Rogan: No, G. This is personal and I need to be with her, one last time before its all over.

G: You go Rogan. I'll wait up for you here.

*Rogan gets a hug from G, and then nods as Rogan heads back to the house steps. As he ascends the steps, he begins to hear some noises. He quickly draws his gun and has it aimed and ready. He hears what sounds like a woman's voice.*

Rogan: Sophie!!???

*Rogan kicks the door open, and see's Sophie standing up well, briefly putting pressure on a minor wound on her chest. Rogan runs over to her and embraces with her. Tears begin to flow down Rogan's eyes, showing not just the relief, but also the joy that his fiancee is still alive.*

Sophie: Is Curien dead?

Rogan: Yes. He was killed by his masterpiece, the magician.

Sophie: So that's what that man was here for.

Rogan: What man?

Sophie: I didn't get a good look at him, but he was in a business suit. He was wearing glasses over his face, and he helped me. He bandaged me up and told me to stay in this room.

Rogan: Where is he?

Sophie: I don't know.

Rogan: G and I never saw anyone like that, so its possible that he may have been here, when we were on the other side of the Mansion. Well at least he helped you, now lets get you home.

*Rogan carries Sophie in his arms and takes her to the car, G has a shocked expression on his face, which turns into a smile. The scene shifts back to the present time.*

Lisa: Sounds quite like something extrodinary.

Rogan: It was a miracle from God, honey.

Lisa: Let's pray that we can have another one today, because we are going to need it.

Jimmy: You got that right!

*The vehicle continues to approach and finally stops at the mansion. As Rogan gets down, he begins to get more flashbacks of what had happened many years prior. It gets cutoff by the sound of Richard Garrett's voice.*

Richard Garrett: So you all made it. Have fun trying to get to me!
*He snaps his fingers. Zombies begin to overflow from the the surface and begin to charge at heroes.*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#3
*Our heroes begin to quickly unload as much as possible on the zombies and they drop to the ground like flies being swatted down. Garrett goes back inside the room, while the zombies lie dead.*

Rogan: This is it. We cannot afford to let this man win at any costs!!

Lisa: Dad you and I need to finish this. For Daniel's sake, G's sake, but most importantly for the World's sake.

Rogan: Yes, and we will.

Gary: We are all going in. We are going to scan the house and look for anything that needs to be either stored or destroyed.

Rogan: Good idea. Stick and Jimmy, you all go do what you need to do.

Gary: Today the Souls will no longer be Fallen, but they will RISE ABOVE!!

Kate: Be careful Gary.

*Gary quickly kisses her*

Gary: Don't worry baby, I am coming back.

Kate: I have just finished calling the FCA and they are on their way.

Rogan: Lets do this!

*They all charge into the house, each taking different paths. Rogan and Lisa are just running on pure adrenaline as they shoot their way past zombies in the corridors and they keep on running towards the other side of the mansion. Rogan uses some melee attack on a zombie that hooks on to his foot. Once they cross the drawbridge, they run into a deep dungeon that runs wide. Rogan gets memories from the Hermit Spider that he had battled. He also sees Curien. Jimmy, Stick and Gary go down deep into a long tunnel that was lying in the underground sewer passage way. They come across a locked cell and someone inside it cry out.*


Jimmy: I heard a voice come from that cell.

Gary: Okay, lets get them out.

*They break down the cell door and they are all equally as surprised as to who was in it. The person comes out of the cell somewhat injured but remains strong willed. The gang still cannot believe it.*

Rogan: Lisa we're here.

Lisa: I am ready dad.

*They go through the door. The circular rotunda like room in which Curien had his last stand remains the same. Garrett appears before Rogan and Lisa. Daniel is in his mutated state, strapped down heavily to the stretcher-like contraption.*

Garrett: Not another move forward Rogan. Same goes for your little girl.

Lisa: Hey jack@$$ I am not a little girl, so show some respect!

Garrett: My apologizes, anyways you didn't fail to deliver.
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#4
Rogan: What are you talking about?

Garrett: The "Cure". The "Cure" that was brought to me by your sheep boy, Harris. You did your end, now its time for your reward.

*Garrett begins to raise forward a rather large sphere shaped object from the beneath the surface.*

Garrett: You lying bathturds, you sent me a fake!! And now you are going to pay!!

*Garrett begins to draw out his remote control, when a voice draws him to a halt*

Mystery Man: Please, Richard be civil. You are going to spoil the fun.

*The Mystery Man approaches further still shrouded*

Mystery Man: Not that I haven't had fun, because I have and I am surprised it took you this long to figure it out, Rogan.

*Harry Harris appears with a giant grin on his face*

Lisa: Harry??

Rogan: Please tell me this isn't what I think it is!

Harry Harris: Oh it is. Rogan my boy, I am really astonished at your lack of common sense. The fun is just begining.

Garrett: Boss, what about the creature?

Harry Harris: You have served me well, Richard. Now I want to leave because its going to get ugly in here.

Garrett: Yes, sir.

*Garrett turns to leave when Harry aims his weapon at him and shoots him three times in the head. Garrett falls over dead, and then Harris aims at Rogan and Lisa.*

Harry Harris: I am going to unleash Evil in its purest form, devil like. And there's nothing you can do about it.

*The gang reappears and a familiar voice is heard.*

Voice: NOT If we have anything to say about it!!

*Rogan turned around and he was in for another surprise*
Hell's Kitchen Season 6 favorite: Suzanne Schlicht(I LUV SUZANNE!!)
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