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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#21
*The elevator makes a creaking noise, but it goes down to the second floor basement. The doors open to reveal electrical equipment in disarray as well as dead bodies scattered all over. They all start to walk forward and then they notice two corridors, each going a different way.*

Thomas Rogan: Okay, there are two different corridors. One of these two must lead us to the room that contains that sample.

Harry Harris: I suggest we split up.

*Harry turns to Jimmy*

Harry Harris: Jimmy, you come with me. We'll take the right corridor.

*Jimmy nods, and readys his weapon. Harry turns to Rogan and Lisa*

Harry Harris: Rogan, you and your daughter take the left corridor.

Thomas Rogan: Okay.

*The two groups head down the different corridors. Rogan and Lisa move very quickly, seeing nothing but darkness. They each equip flashlights and move on, til they reach a door labled lab #1. They open the door, two zombies pop out, but are quickly dispatched by Rogan and Lisa. They enter the room, and see several machines, and several refridgerators.*

Thomas Rogan: One of these fridges Lisa must contain Sample #32CDA.

*They begin looking through all the fridges and then they stumble upon the sample and they grab it, when several gunshots are heard.*

Thomas Rogan: Harry and Jimmy!

*They quickly head out the room, and run down to the end of the hall, out of the corridor and they see, Harris and Jimmy running out firing back repeatedly at something. They all continue to run and look back and see a giant club wielding creature. It is revealed to be a giant demon looking creature, sporting a tengu mask. It is swinging like crazy, and the group decides they have no choice but to face it.*

Thomas Rogan: We have the sample Harry. All we need to do is destroy this creature.

*Harry nods and then the group all prep their weapons. The creature stops and grunts, and then lunges, while our heroes load their guns. The creature swings like crazy and manages to knock down some debris, and our heroes dodge. Jimmy starts shooting repeatedly at the head of the creature, but gets knocked down by the creature. The creature then aims his attention towards Lisa, and Lisa runs quickly and avoids the creature getting two shots off on its head. It continues to take more gunfire from Rogan before knocking down Rogan. Rogan quickly drags himself up and heads towards the elevator but the creature has them cornered. All of a sudden, Jimmy appears on the top of the creature and has a machine gun handy, and aims it right at its head.*

Jimmy Peterson: Die you mother....

*Jimmy unloads his ammunition on the creature and it falls down dead.*

Harry: Good job kid.

Lisa: Wow, Jimmy. How'd you do it?

*Jimmy is arrogant in his tone.*

Jimmy Peterson: Oh, it was nothing.

*They smile and head up to the elevator and get ready to contact Garrett.*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#22
*They all get out of the elevator and head towards the telephone, where Rogan picks up the receiver and calls Garrett. The scene shifts to Daniel still in Zombie form, fighting to escape from his bonds, grunting loudly. Garrett start to taunt.*

Richard Garrett: Keep on trying to escape and I guarantee you you will meet a fate worse than the state you are in!

*The phone rings. Daniel continues to grunt, while Garrett begins to smile evily and then answers his cell phone.*

Richard Garrett: So what's the good news?

Thomas Rogan: We have your serum, now you sick piece of crap, where is Daniel?

Richard Garrett: Did you really think that it would be that easy agent Rogan? You seem more dumbfounded than I originally thought. Your partner G apparently had all the brains!

Thomas Rogan: Stop trying to cheap shot a good man you sick freak.

Richard Garrett: Oh, did you actually buy that death from Cancer bull?

Thomas Rogan: What are you talking about Garrett?

Richard Garrett: You obviously don't seem to understand, but once you complete your final task, then maybe, just maybe I'll throw you a bone, Thomas.

*Rogan's face becomes rosy red, but retains his composure*

Richard Garrett: What must we do next?

*Garrett begins to smile and looks over at Daniel who has returned to normal form.*

Richard Garrett: There is an underground resistance/community group known as Souls of the Fallen. Go to the Windhamington Gate bridge, and you won't find them, they will find you. Once you are inside, you are going to retrieve their anti virus serum. Once you have it, kill them all and leave and if you as so much as leave one of those fools alive, I'll release some more of the virus in that area and make them my personal zombified pawns and I'll kill the boy.

Thomas Rogan: You are mad Garrett. But it'll be done, but I promise you that once I find you, I am going to end you, Garrett.

Richard Garrett: Tough talk, Rogan. We shall see.

*Garrett laughs and hangs up the phone.*

Jimmy Peterson: What must we do?

Thomas Rogan: We must find the Souls of The Fallen. Harry, what do you know about them?

Harry Harris: Not to much. They are a group of underground survivors of the World's collapse and they have resources that many of us don't .

Thomas Rogan: We need you to get us to the Windhamington Gate Bridge, Harry.

Harry Harris You can't be serious, they will kill us if we go there!

Thomas Rogan: I am willing to take my chances and not to mention the fact that he told us to go there and we have no other choice.

Harry Harris: Okay, let's go.

*They all head off in the vehicle and drive off. The scene cuts back to Garrett's hideout, showing him walk down a long hallway and arrives at the end, which is a cell door. He opens the slot window on the door. A man inside slowly wakes up and walks up to the window.*

Richard Garrett: Soon, you're suffering shall end and who else to thank but your dear old friend.

*Garrett shuts the window. The vehicle arrives at the bridge. Completely desserted. They stop the car.*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#23
Thomas Rogan: Okay, I'll go first.

Lisa Rogan: Dad please, don't.

Thomas Rogan: Don't worry about me Lisa. You'll have a very good view on me. If anything happens, you all leave and try to continue on. Harry, will you take care of her if anything happens?

Harry Harris: Don't you worry, Thomas.

*Rogan arms himself and gets out of the vehicle. He walks out towards the center of the bridge. All of a sudden he hears several guns gets loaded and ready for use. Rogan stops in his tracks.*

Thomas Rogan: Please, excuse me. I come in peace! My name is Thomas Rogan and I am an officer with the Arizona City Police. I am not looking for trouble of any kind, but I am seeking help and shelter.

*Rogan looks around and see several cloaked and hooded figures. The Leader of the group is seen and only his mouth is visable. He seems to recognize the name. The members don't appear to be hostile as they lower their weapons. The Leader steps off his platform and walks over to Rogan.*

Souls of The Fallen leader: Thomas Rogan, did you happen to be a former AMS agent?

Thomas Rogan: Yes.

*The hooded leader removes his facial cloak. A slightly aged man, still with young looks is revealed.*

Souls of The Fallen leader: Its an honor to meet you Thomas Rogan. My name is Gary Stewart, former AMS Junior Agent.

Thomas Rogan: Yes, you were an Agent on the 2000 Goldman case with James Taylor.

Gary Stewart: That's correct. In fact, there are two other former AMS agents present here with our group.

*Gary signals and two others come rush and appear, a man and woman.*

Gary Stewart: This is my second in command, Stick Breitling.

Stick Breitling: Nice to meet you Mr. Rogan.

Thomas Rogan: I have heard of you. You dealt with that isolated zombie outbreak incident with Zed.

Stick Brietling: Yes I did sir.

Thomas Rogan: Well nice to meet you, in fact, let me call out my team.

*Rogan signals that all is well and the group gets out of the vehicle. They all approch, Harry is surprised*

Harry Harris: Gary!

Gary Stewart: Harry!

*They shake hands*

Harry Harris: It's been a long time

Gary Stewart Yes it has, what have you been up to?

Harry Harris: I am a commander for the FCA.

Gary Stewart: Nice, at least you are still in the game.

*The woman interrupts*

Woman: Gary, aren't you going to introduce me?

Gary Stewart: Sorry dear. Guys, this is my wife, Kate Green.

*Green removes her cloaking*

Kate Green: Its nice to meet you all.

*They all continue to introduce themselves, when Rogan decides to cut straight to the point*

Thomas Rogan: Listen Gary, all of us here need to talk about something that is currently going on.

Gary Stewart: Okay, come on in and we will all talk.

*They all enter the large whole in the ground and it closes shut within an instant*
Alison Lohman: A TRUE Beauty

User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#24
*We get a good look at the inside cave of the Souls of The Fallen. An underground utopia proves to be quite a shocking for our heroes. Several hundreds and hundreds live in organized quad like outer shells, which are located throughout the underground. Rogan is in pure astonishment.*

Thomas Rogan: How did this happen?

Gary: It took years upon years of pure effort. We were able to rescue as many people as we could. Seeing death and destruction of the world may have been something that had mentally affected us, but we knew we had to keep on going somehow.

*The group continues to look on and they enter Gary and Kate's quad like room.*

Gary: Make yourselves feel at home.

*They all sit around the table, while Stick and Jimmy stand by the gun, showing off with their gun slinging*

Gary: How can we help you Rogan?

Thomas Rogan: A lunatic Richard Garrett has kidnapped Daniel Curien and has released a virus that is turning citizens into undead creatures.

Gary: Garrett, the head of Curien's Cause? He is responsible?

Lisa Rogan: Yes, and he has forced us to play by his game or else he'll kill Daniel.

Gary: What can we do?

Thomas Rogan: This is not easy Gary, but we need that cure serum you have stored here.

*Gary is silent*

Gary: Tell me you are joking Rogan. We haven't fully tested it and not to mention we haven't realased it from its protection since we stored it there, over 5 years ago.

Thomas Rogan: I understand Gary, but the crazy SOB wants the cure. Now if we can somehow manage to dupe him into taking a false, fake serum, then maybe we can by that time.

Gary: Okay Rogan, we'll try it.

Thomas Rogan: Oh and one more thing

Gary: Yes?

Thomas Rogan: We need your people to act like the undead, or else he is going to destroy this place and kill everyone.

*Gary is silent, slight anger in his eyes but remains strong. The darkness continues to blanket the setting.Our heroes head out to the meeting point. A helicopter comes from nearby, Garrett is seen with a headset while piloting the helicopter.*

Richard Garrett: Okay, you seem to have the serum, now are they dead!!!??

Thomas Rogan: We did one better, they are UNdead.

*Several people begin to crawl and stumble in zombie motion and movement. Garrett begins to laugh.*

Richard Garrett: Very impressive Rogan. Now onto the cure. Send your whipping boy Mr.Harris over with it.

Thomas Rogan: No way.

Richard Garrett: Fine then, they boy will die and so will your friend.

Harry Harris: Rogan, we have no choice.

*Rogan irratated goes on with Harris and Harris begins to walk towards the helicopter, and a grappling hook lunges at Harris and latches on to him and the helicopter rises high in the air.*

Richard Garrett: You fools, you tricked me!!!! NOW ITS GAME OVER!!!

*Garrett begins to fly off, before dropping several bombs down on the terrain.*

Rogan: RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

*Everyone scatters and there is a massive explosion.*
Alison Lohman: A TRUE Beauty

User Info: MrMaryland

11 years ago#25
ROck . . .

VERY impressive storyline so far . . . .
(message deleted)

User Info: LUEshiWithRICE

11 years ago#27
Good evening sir, tonight's special is a medium-rare LUEshi served with white RI/CE, followed by a platter of roast Jinjo. {Fail Brigade}
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