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User Info: Unruly

11 years ago#11
This should definitely be archived. This shouldn't be let to waste away.
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#12
Been busy with school and work but I do plan to continue with the story!
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#13
Harry: Good to see you guys made it.

*The group gets out of the suits*

Rogan: We got the data

*Peterson hands Harry the flashdrive, which he takes and puts into an evidence container*

Rogan: We also managed to find a member of the AVTCC crew.

Harry: Good, we need to get that data for the toxicologist.

Rogan: So have we heard anything regarding who may have done this?

Harry: No, but we are going to go and reconvine at our FCA head quarters immediately.

*Rogan nods and so does the group and they head in armored convoys towards the base*

Rogan: So Harry, what have you been doing since the Goldman incident?

*Harry is silent for a few seconds and then responds*

Harry: Well after my near fatal injury I suffered at the hands of the creature Strength, I was taken to a hospital and I decided to take a brief retirement or sabbatical if you will. I then heard of a series of attacks that took place in AMS Headquarter branch in Europe. James sacrificed everything for saving the world and he was a true hero. He gave his life in order to try and help protect this planet, but unfortunately it wasn't enough. Kate Green, later left the AMS, and the AMS itself eventually disbanded. I watched in horror as my friends died, society on the near brink of total damnation and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

*Rogan sympathizes with Harry*

Rogan: Harry, there was nothing you could do. Hell after what happened at the Curien house I too took a sabbatical and spent every moment with my wife who I thought I lost in that hell. Then work came back to me and I began to alienate my family that I had spent so long trying to love and protect. I, didn't want this to affect my life anymore, and that is why I decided to spend my time to put an end to this once and for all.

Harry: You were a hero though, Rogan. You and G were heroes, I was simply a reinforcement.

Rogan: Don't worry about it Harry, this is our chance for ultimate redemption from the exodus of the undead invasion......

*The convoys begin to start to arrive at FCA Headquarters*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#14
*The vehicles are entering the FCA Headquarters, meanwhile the scene cuts back to the dark cave like setting where Daniel notices the feed on the television cuts to the FCA Headquarters, unbeknowst to him. Garrett returns to the room*

Richard Garrett: Well apparently the virus does work after all and too damn bad your cure will never be produced.

Daniel: You sonofa

*Garrett cuts him off*

Richard Garrett: As the cliché goes, Don't hate the player, hate the game. I am simply trying to carry out what is necessary and what your father being the magnanimous leader he is would support.

Daniel: By having more people end up dead! My father's original intention wasn't about taking lives it was about saving them!!

Richard Garrett: While that may have been the case, he changed his vision and began taking every life in sight, so it doesn't matter what kind of crap his original intentions were, it was all about what he went on to do that defined his legacy.

*Daniel is confused and doesn't want to continue arguing. Garrett then watches closely as our heroes are in the meeting room. Garrett presses a button and then prepares....*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#15
Daniel: What are you going to do?

*Camera zooms in on Garrett's mouth and an evil smile creeps on to it*

Richard Garrett: Watch and learn my boy.

*The scene shifts back to FCA Headquarters room. There is a large projector and Harry walks over to it, while our heroes take a seat.*

Lisa: Dad, where do you think Daniel is?

Rogan: I wish I knew Lisa, but....I have no idea.

*Rogan hugs his daughter, while Peterson responds*

Peterson: Don't worry, Lisa, we will find him.

Harry: Yes we will. In fact we are going to take a small trip back in time, to 2003.

*The projector shows clips of destruction, as our heroes look on*

Harry: Now as you know this was the same year that ignited the eventual fall of the world and its the epicenter of the World's collapse. Before AMS disbanded, I took it upon myself to make sure that I had all this information that pertained to this issue, after all I was investigating further for years. After Kate Green and James Taylor's mission was complete, AMS managed to confiscate Goldman's laptop which was the only sole item remaining in his office. It was scanned and the clips that they encountered were all from Goldman himself.

Rogan: How could he have set it all up perfectly?

Harry: The man was a twisted genious, a legend in his own mouth. He schemed everything ahead of time and its fair to assume that everything was all part of the plan. However, AMS stumbled upon some footage that, well they didn't pay too much attention too.

Rogan: What footage?

Harry: A mysterious man who makes an idol threat to those who watch it. In fact, let's watch it right now.

*The heroes look into the projector, while a man limping on one leg drags his leg and walks up and sits at a corner of an office and he is out of focus on the camera until it begins to slowly pan towards him*

Rogan: He limps like you, Harry.

Harry: He may, but I have to resort to using a cane to even walk on this leg. He apparently can do it with ease.

*Attention returns back to the projector*

Mystery Man: Goldman, you are soft. These wretched humans have no need of hope. Soon the true end will begin.

*The Mystery Man pauses briefly*

Mystery Man: There is more than one Pandora's Box.

*The footage ends before he is revealed. The feed ends and the heroes are puzzled*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#16
Rogan: That seems like someone who knows a hell of a lot more than what we know!

Harry: Yes, in fact I find it rather interesting that an subordinate of Goldman is still alive. The Pandora's Box in question according to official AMS files refers to The World. We are left to assume that at most there may be one more "Pandora's Box".

Lisa: Well if its out there, we must stop it!

Harry: Maybe you already have. That creature you encountered a few years ago at the EFI Research facility, The Wheel of Fate, may have been the second Pandora's Box.

Rogan: You can't be serious.

*Harry presses a button on the projector and draws attention of the heroes as they turn over to the projector screen*

Harry: I am. According to the official notes discovered, the Wheel of Fate was put into production by Roy Curien, during the same time as The Magician project, which predates the Curien Mansion incident.

Rogan: How did Goldman then or this Mystery Man know about it?

Harry: Once the Curien Mansion was ransacked, since I headed it, Curien's belongings were all gone. We know that he had a book filled with all the creature schematics, and it is possible that Goldman or this Mystery Man was hidding in the house the entire time and must have taken the schematics.

Lisa: So if the Wheel of Fate was the second Pandora's Box, what does that mean?

Harry: It gets worse. About 1 month later, me and members of the then newly formed FCA decided to check out the area. It drew my ire and attention because of those three letters, E.F.I.

*Cutscene flashback shows Harry and his team while they walk around the building*

Harry: The place was very dark. We literally had to use our flashlights to walk around and hot wire the controls to power the control room security room. It is there where I discovered something more.

*Cutscene flashback ends*

Harry: I stumbled upon this footage.

*Harry clicks again and the Mystery Man appears again on a security camera which pans*

Peterson: This guy again, man he is getting annoying!

*Everyone looks over at him and then they return attention to the screen. The Mystery Man limps towards a vial on the floor in the Wheel of Fate storage room. He picks it up and then he utters*

Mystery Man: It appears he didn't understand its true purpose....haha.

*He limps off into the dark and the footage ends*

Harry: Now, this man once again show himself and was shown picking up a vial. God only knows what that vial was, but according to what he said it is indeed powerful.

Rogan: We must find out who this man is!

Lisa: Maybe its Garrett?

*Garrett's face appears on the projector screen*

Garrett: Nice guess my dear, however I regret to inform you that you are WRONG!!

Harry: You.....

Garrett: Don't get too mad Harris, after all you wouldn't want me to punish you all right now by killing young Mr. Curien over here!

*Garrett shows Daniel strapped to the bed*

Lisa: Daniel!!!

Daniel: Lisa, are you okay?

Lisa: I am fine. We are going to find you and get you back!!

Garrett: Oh I don't think so.

Rogan: We are going to make you pay for this Garrett!

*Garrett begins to laugh*

Garrett: Wow, I never thought you had a sense of humor, Agent Rogan, I thought your partner G was the one with the sense of humor.

Rogan: Don't go there.

Garrett: Why? Your partner died sadly from that cancer, but too bad. He is missing out on an event that will be even bigger than the Curien Mansion case.

Rogan: You are touching a nerve, Mr. Garrett.

Garrett: Oh I am sorry If I am, but I want to show you all something.
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#17
*Garrett walks over to Daniel and angers him by burning pictures of Lisa and Dr. Curien. Daniel begins to scream out in anger, while Lisa starts to cry. Daniel's screaming turns into a darker, more grimicing tone. His skin is changing to a sickly green color and then he begins to sound like a member of the undead*

Lisa: DANIEL!!!!

Harry: What have you done?

Garrett: Oh its not what I have done, but what I unlocked. You see, young Danny boy here has something special inside him. This was just a small equivocational reparation for his life being saved. You see whenever he gets mad, he becomes this. Just like the Hulk, except more nerdier and bony, hahahaha!

Lisa: You better turn him back!

Garrett: Well if you all can survive my game, then you will have the opportunity to do it yourself, dear. I have unleashed the virus from the vial that was acquired by the man you cannot seem to identify. He is my boss and if you are just dying to meet him, you will eventually find out, if you can make it here alive! Half of this city has been mutated and the only way to get your boy back is to play by my rules.

Rogan: You piece of......

Garrett: Please, Agent Rogan, keep it clean. As I was saying before I was rudly interrupted, there is a small landmark about 20 miles from your current location. Get there and it is there only where you will receive further instruction. Oh and by the way.....HAPPY HUNTING!!! HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*The feed cuts off*

Harry: Let's go!

*They all get up and get into the armored truck convoys and they drive off. While they drive along, they notice zombies coming out of nowhere. *

Rogan: Its going to be a long ride, however we got to make it quick!

*Rogan arms himself, and so do the rest of the gang and they begin to shoot*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#18
*Zombies begin to drop like flies from the constant gunfire. Rogan, Lisa, Peterson and Harry are firing like crazy, while the driver hits a few zombies. The car rattles*

Detective Peterson: Damn, that had to have hurt!

*The car continues to go faster and faster, until their is a loud ground shaking movement made, that swerves the car, forcing it to come to a complete halted stop*

Harry Harris: What the hell was that?

Driver: I don't know sir!

*The quaking ground returns*

Thomas Rogan: Whatever it is.....its coming back.

*A Giant hole blows open in the middle of the road. Smoke is everywhere, covering the area. Everyone stares and waits and then a giant arm comes out.*

Thomas Rogan: Drive!

*The driver is staring stunned at the creature*

Harry Harris: Drive dammit!

*The driver begins to drive on and then the creature fully exits the hole, revealing it to be a giant chimera looking creature, two headed with giant fangs, and very long, engrossing arms reaching towards the car. Rogan begins to start shooting at the creature, which simply deflects the bullets and continues to run very quickly at the vehicle. All off a sudden several supports surrounding the highway begin to start to collapse. The vehicle manages to swerve away from the potential debris and continues to speed off, with the creature in hot pursuit.*

Lisa: What can we use against that thing?

Harry Harris: A missile launcher would be great, but I doubt we have one here.

*Rogan, Harris and Peterson continue to fire at the creature, while Lisa looks around the vehichle for a possible weapon. While she looks, they continue to drive forward and dodge the debris and are about to reach the end of the road, which is slowly starting to split apart.*

Driver: The road is cracking apart!

*Lisa stumbles upon a missile launcher, hidden in the car's floor interior*

Lisa: I found it!

Thomas Rogan: Good, lets use it.

*The driver quickly backs up and then gets ready to make a jump*

Driver: I am going to try and jump over to the other side of the road. Get ready to fire as soon as I give the go ahead.

*He starts to drive foward, the creature continues towards them and then the scene goes into slow motion. The car speeds over the bridge and is in the air. The creature lunges at them*

Driver: NOW!!!

*Lisa fires the missile and it connects with the creature, which makes a scary noise, as it connects with its head and then he falls down with the rest of the highway bridge into the water, and the car lands back to safety and drives on while everyone is shockingly relieved and have relieved looks on their faces, while Peterson is still shocked, based on the look on his face.*

Detective Peterson: Wow.....

*They continue to drive on and they arrive at the building, which reads, The Masterson Science Center*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#19
*The groups gets out of the vehicle, and enter the seemingly abandoned complex, The Masterson Science Center.*

Lisa: Some landmark this is.

Harry Harris: Technically Lisa, this building has had some storied history.

*Closeups of the building are shown as Harry talks*

Harry Harris: This is the building where most of the research for various different pharmaceutical companies, which lead to medicines of this new age. However, once the N.G.S.R.O. took over, several of this center was shut down permanently.

Lisa: Why would they do that?

Harry Harris: Ever since the World initial collapse, the government has been mandatating several programs, the N.G.S.R.O. just happened to be their brain child. I must say it is always better to be safe than sorry, even though I am not a fan of huge government control.

Thomas Rogan: Shall we?

*They all walk towards the door which Peterson and Rogan kick down. They all walk in and they see papers scattered all over the floor, aged blood stains and broken glass surrounding the interior of the building.*

Harry Harris: Okay, but why would Garrett send us here?

*A phone suddenly rings, and the Rogan turns his attention immediately to the the cobwebbed phone lying on the even dustier desk. He reaches over for it and picks up the receiver.*

Thomas Rogan: Hello?

Richard Garrett: Amazing, you made it alive. Funny, I don't seem to remember telling you the exact building.

Thomas Rogan: Lucky guess.

Richard Garrett: Nonetheless, very impressive Agent Rogan. Now that you and your team of fellow optomistic incompetants have arrived, now you have to do exactly what I say. The building you are standing in may seem abandoned, but looks can be deceiving. There should be an old elevator still in operation right next to you. Take that elevator down to the 2nd floor basement and retreive Sample # 32...

*Rogan interrupts*

Thomas Rogan: What are you trying to do?

Richard Garrett: Rogan, don't interrupt me again or else your daughter's boy toy will suffer the concequences of failure. As I was saying, retreive Sample #32CDA, once you have that vial call me from this phone at 377-8945 and let me know the good news and then you'll receive further instruction. Til that time, I bid you good luck.

*Garrett hangs up.*

Harry Harris: So what happened?

Thomas Rogan: We have to go down to the 2nd floor basement and retreive Sample #32CDA and then call him to find out what we have to do next.

Jimmy Peterson: You mean to tell me that we are going to be jumping through hoops for this guy?

Thomas Rogan: We have no choice Jim. We have to do what this psycho wants us to do or else he will kill Daniel.

*Lisa is saddened, but remains stoic*

Lisa: Let's go.

*They approach the elevator door and it opens, when a zombie creature lunges with its mouth wide open for biting. Harris calmly without looking draws his gun and sticks it in the creatures mouth and fires twice. The group looks over at him.*

Harry Harris: What? It was just a damn good reflex!

*They all laugh and they all head into the elevator and head down to the 2nd floor basement of the building.*
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User Info: ninto55

11 years ago#20
nice so far.
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