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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#1
I originally put this on Sega's forums, but my account won't work anymore, so I am going to post it up for good times sake. Enjoy, this is just the beginning.


It has been twenty-five years since that day, in which many things changed. A day when a mad scientist decided to unleash a new fury onto the world. 5 years later, the World collapsed. 20 years have passed since that time, and the world is slowly beginning to rise again. Infastructures have been completely re-built, houses, workforce, financial growth, life itself
*brief pause*
It was all coming back. But progress would once again become halted, for on this day, it would become a 24 Hour Nightmare all over again.

*End of narration. Scene shifts to a small housing community on the north side of Phoenix, Arizona. Daniel Curien is with his wife Lisa Rogan, waking up for what appears to be just another day*

*Enter Daniel, who is walking into the kitchen and begins to have breakfast with his wife Lisa*

Lisa: So, did you finally get any sleep last night?
*Daniel is slightly tired, but responds*
Daniel: Not that much. I am still trying to perfect it
*he is holding a vile in his hand*
Lisa: Daniel, you need to stop losing sleep over that.
*Daniel is visably pale and somewhat saddened*
Daniel: Lisa, this cure is going to be something people need. I want to help them, because not only is it the right thing to do, but I must do this.
*Lisa quickly responds*
Lisa: Daniel, I know you still feel responsible for what your father did, but come on. You need to stop carrying that burden of his and settle down...
*Daniel cuts her off, visably frustrated*
Daniel: What my father did was completely appalling and I know I can make up for it! He took the lives of several innocent people who did nothing wrong, and I can save a lot of people with this cure! My father wasn't a complete monster Lisa, he saved my life. I believed in the good of him, but his mind was too smart for his own good, and drove him into an insane mental state.
Lisa: Daniel could you stop that talk about your father....
*Daniel gets up and turns his back on his wife. Lisa tries to talk to him*
Lisa: You still are having those dreams aren't you?
*Daniel takes a breath*
Daniel: Yes, I have them every night. I try to control my inner pain, but everytime I always lose it and go berserk. I don't know why, but I fear that it could become reality.
*Lisa gets up and walks over to her husband*
Lisa: Listen, you should just find a way to let it go.
*Daniel begins to reason with her, making eye contact with her*
Lisa: I know that you are carrying your father's burden, but you aren't going to end up like him, Daniel. I believe in you. This may be the 25th anniversary of that tragedy, but you need to try and forget about it. I want to have a family one day, Daniel and I don't want this to be an issue between us anymore.
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#2
*Daniel hugs his wife and they share a kiss*
Daniel: Thanks, Lisa. I...
*He looks over at the clock which shows 11:45 am. Daniel reaches over for his briefcase*
Daniel: Lisa, I am going to be late for work, I gotta go dear. I love you, and I'll see you tonight and we'll have a romantic dinner, just the two of us!
Lisa: Bye
*Daniel smiles at her and walks out the door. Lisa sits down and turns on the tv to WKDBG News 8*
TV Anchor: Today is the anniversary of the 1998 Curien Mansion incident. It was a 3 day incident in which many 70 people lost their lives, while the perpetrator of the incident, Dr. Roy Curien...
*his picture appears briefly, Lisa seemingly frightened at the sight*
commit suicide shortly after. Despite this day of mourning, there are several supporters of Curien who feel that his work should be lauded. Richard Garrett, the founder of the CC or otherwise known as Curien's Cause, spoke to our Dane Mitchell earlier today.
*a close up appears of Richard Garrett and Dane Mitchell*
Dane Mitchell: Mr. Garrett, do you really believe that Dr. Curien was really doing a good thing?
Richard Garrett: Dane, Roy Curien was an inspiration to me, because through his endearing work, he shoud that we could indeed cross lines in Science in order to save lives.
Dane Mitchell: But he took lives and then he took...
*Richard cuts him off*
Richard Garrett: It doesn't matter, he did what he had to do, and I cannot believe you are going with that government bs story they gave you, the man didn't commit suicide. It is just a huge body of lies you and the propaganda cutters on your station are spreading as true, correct information when in reality it is not.
*Richard faces the camera, slightly evil look in his eyes*
Richard Garrett: Today is indeed a day of mourning, but I do promise you, we are going to make this day something no one will soon forget, because we are going to do something very special to commemorate his name today.
TV Anchor: The interview was eventually cut short when Mr. Garrett stormed off. As for the special plans for commemorating Dr. Curien, he refused to comment on. Now as we turn to sports...
*Lisa has a look of panic in her eyes and begins to call someone. Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Daniel's BMW approaching a giant complex, which reads on the sign N.G.S.R.O.(National Government Science Research Organization). He then enters the building's top floor, the 70th floor, where he begins to work with his scientists*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#3
Daniel: Eric, what do we have so far?
*Eric quickly answers*
Eric: Sir, the tests that we conducted last week are still being examined, and we should receive the results today. Sir are we ready to move on with the production of the cure?
*Daniel is slightly hesistant to answer*
Eric: Sir?
*Daniel eventually answers*
Daniel: Yeah we are ready. I want you to begin a short term production, because we need to know the legitimate potency of the cure and then once we conduct a few small tests, we'll then go into mass production.
Eric: Yes sir.
*Eric walks away. Daniel begins to look at his computer, analyzing the cure and its main statistics, when he begins to feel a sharp pain in his chest. He falls down to the ground, knocking over a tray table with empty viles on it, gasping for air. Eric hears him and runs to help him.*
Eric: Daniel! We need a medic immediately right now please!
*Smoke slowly begins to fill the rooms in the floor and the evacutation alarm goes off. The N.G.S.R.O director appears on the monitors throughout the building*
N.G.S.R.O Director : Okay everybody, there seems to be some kind of outbreak in the building of some unknown toxin, please immediately head down to our underground basement and remain there until the problem is resolved.
*There is panic while everybody is running like crazy. Eric has carried Daniel on to the rooftops, where an emergency helicopter begins to approach. The helicopter then lands, while the paramedics arrive to help Daniel*
Eric: Thanks so much. He had a hard time breathing
Paramedic: Did he have any pains of any kind?
Eric: I don't know.
Paramedic: Thanks, we'll take it from here.
*The other paramedics straps Daniel on the stretcher and they quickly load him into the helicopter and begin to take off. The paramedic receives a phone call.*
Paramedic: Yes.
Voice of Mystery Man: Is he in your custody?
Paramedic: Yes.
Voice of Mystery Man: And the virus?
*The paramedic then looks into his portable monitor and the some of the staff within the building are lying on the floor unconscious when all of a sudden the begin to slowly get up and start moving, their faces have been altered, a white pupiled, scientist begins to look into the security camera. The scientist has become a zombie*
Paramedic: Sir, it has worked.
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#4
Voice of Mystery Man: Good work, now head back to base. We cannot keep the head of the CC waiting.
*The helicopter begins to disappear into the sky*

*The scene shifts back to Lisa, who is apparently waiting for someone at the local police station . A man then approaches her*

Thomas Rogan: Lisa, are you okay?
*He reaches over and gives her a hug*
Lisa: Yes dad I am fine. Its Daniel I am worried about.
Thomas Rogan: Is he still slightly overworked like usual?
Lisa: He spend so much time working on that cure, and he rarely spends time with me anymore. His father's atrocities continue to plague him and I don't know if he'll ever shake out of it.
*Rogan takes a seat next to Lisa*
Thomas Rogan: Lisa, you need to let him vent it all out. When I thought I lost your mother in the Curien Mansion, I didn't know what I was going to do or how I was going to handle it. But luckily there was a silver lining in the cloud that I had receiven and she survived. Lisa look on the bright side, he is doing what he wants to do. If it means that he must do what is necessary, then he must.
*Lisa seems a little shaken, not making too much eye contact with her dad*
Lisa: Dad, someone on tv said that they were going to do something to honor Dr. Curien. Frankly just hearing that scares me and makes me worry about Daniel even more.
Thomas Rogan: What are you talking about....
*A young rookie detective runs into the room and interrupts Rogan*
Thomas Rogan: Detective Peterson, what is it?
*The young detective is slow to respond*
Thomas Rogan: Well?
Detective Peterson: Sir, the N.G.S.R.O building was attacked about 20 minutes ago
*Lisa's face becomes petrofied*
Lisa: Daniel....Oh no.
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#5
Thomas Rogan: Has any law enforcement arrived?
Detective Peterson: A branch of the Federal Criminal Agency has arrived at the scene along with city police.
Thomas Rogan: Okay, I want you to get us a car ready, cause we are headed down there now.
*The young detective storms off and Rogan turns back to Lisa*
Thomas Rogan: Lisa, I want you to stay here and they'll take care of you.
Lisa: Dad, I want to go.
*Thomas Rogan becomes a little irratated*
Thomas Rogan: Lisa...
Lisa: Dad, please
*Rogan is silent*
Lisa: Please.....
Thomas Rogan: You're right Lisa. You handled yourself really well the last time something bad happened, and I should trust you to do the same.
*They both smile and leave the premises. Scene shifts to a speeding police car, weaving in and out of traffic*
Thomas Rogan: What else do we know Peterson.
Detective Peterson: Well, reports state that some weird gas apparently spread to the entire building, though half of the building was able to evacuate.
Lisa: What about Daniel?
Detective Peterson: I don't have that much specifics, Lisa. Don't worry we'll be there soon.
*The car continues to speed on, while the scene shifts towards a dark cave like setting where Daniel is lying on a medical bed, attached to several different machines in a room alone. He slowly begins to regain consciousness. He struggles to break free from the straps and shackles that are containing him. A man in a suit approaches him, but to Daniel cannot fully see him.*
Voice: So you must be the prodical son.
*He approaches closer, holding a remote in his hand. He controls Daniel's bed and rises it upwards, facing him.*
Voice: It is so good to meet you finally. I have been a huge supporter of your father's for many years.
*Daniel's voice is very slow and somewhat stuttered*
Daniel: Who are you?
Voice: My name is Richard Garrett. I am the head of a group that is very, very fond of your father's work.
Daniel: His work?
Richard Garrett: Yes, and today is the day that the legend of Dr. Curien will live on, and you are going to witness it first hand, in fact, why don't I get you caught up?
*Garrett presses another button to activate the large tv monitor in the room. It shows footage of the newly formed zombies walking around in the N.G.S.R.O building. Daniel is terrified at the scene of his old collegues now members of the undead.*
Daniel: What the hell did you do?
Richard Garrett: Oh, I simply decided to unleash this virus into the air of the building, just as a small demonstration, but I tell you my boy, I am far from done.
*The camera feed then goes to the outside perimiter of the building, showing the police car arriving on the scene, Lisa, Thomas Rogan and Detective Peterson exit the car. A look of worry comes unto Daniel's face*
Daniel: Lisa!
Richard Garrett: Oh don't worry about your wife, she'll be just fine, meanwhile enjoy the view.
*Garrett begins to laugh, and walks away leaving Daniel to view the carnage. The scene shifts back to Lisa, Rogan, and Peterson as they arrive onto the scene and approach the commading FCA officer*
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#6
*Rogan flashes his badge to the FCA Commander, who has his back turned*
Thomas Rogan: Thomas Rogan, Arizona City Police.
*The name seems to ring a bell with the FCA Commander, who still doesn't turn his back*
FCA Commander: That name sounds familiar.
*The FCA commander turns to Rogan. He is revealed to be wearing an FCA uniform and wearing sunglasses*
FCA Commander: You worked for the AMS!
Thomas Rogan: Yes, I did. Oh wait, you must be Harry Harris!
*The two shake each others hands*
Harry Harris: Yes, I was assigned to the 2000 Goldman case along with Gary Stewart and James Taylor, along with my wife Amy Crystal.
Thomas Rogan: I heard about that incident. I also heard that you were severly injured.
Harry Harris: Yes I was, in fact I still have the limp
*Harry points to his leg*
Harry Harris: Its nothing bad, since I have learned to live with it.
Thomas Rogan: Well Harry, this is my daughter Lisa
*they both quickly greet*
Thomas Rogan: And this is my partner, Jimmy Peterson.
*they shake hands*
Thomas Rogan: Anyways, have you all made any attempts at entry?
Harry Harris: No. The AVTCC units have been dispached in.
Thomas Rogan: AVTCC?
Harry Harris: Yes, the Airborn Virus Toxicology Cleanup Crew. They went in to retreive some samples and study what could possibly have happened in there.
Thomas Rogan: Do you know when they are going to be back?
*Harris begins to notice something on a portable panel switchboard*
Harry Harris: That's funny. They were each given radios to use, and all of them appear to be disfunctional.
*The lights on one of the panels turns green*
Harry Harris: Thank God. AVTCC team please report?
*there is complete silence. Harry is slightly frustrated*
Harry Harris: HELLO!
*There are moaning noises that sound like very familiar creatures. There are also loud screams and then zombie like growls. Harris and Rogan turn to each other*
Thomas Rogan: Oh no. This can't be happening!
Harry Harris: My God, I thought we were done with all that!
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#7
Thomas Rogan: Lisa, who did you say was going to do something today to commemorate Dr. Curien?
Lisa: His name was
*She tries to think*
Lisa: His name was Richard Garrett, the head of Curien's Cause.
Harry Harris: That fool! I thought we had told him to keep it clean!
Thomas Rogan: You knew about this?
Harry Harris: NO! He said he was going to protest outside this building today and then he and his followers were going to have a small gathering in another part of the country. The man is all talk, he couldn't have the brains to orchestrate something like this!
Thomas Rogan: Has the smoke cleared from the building?
Harry Harris: Yes, but it may still be contagious in there!
Thomas Rogan: I need three of those suits, and two machine guns. We are going in!
Rogan, Lisa and Peterson are fully geared and they enter the building. Harry is communicating with them over the radios*

Harry: We believe that there are several key files that are located on the 70th floor. We need the data copied onto the flashdrives, because that intel is essential in figuring out just what is going on here.
*The trio are walking towards an emergency elevator*
Rogan: Okay Harry, we are taking the emergency elevator up to the 70th floor.
*The three get in the elevator and are headed up to the 70th floor*
Harry: Remember Thomas, there are some very dangerous creatures lurking on that same floor. I hope that the AVTCC members are still alive, but if not oh well. Just keep a good eye opened and watch out for those things. All we need you to do is get that data.
*Rogan is followed closely be Lisa and Peterson as they step out of the elevator. They are clutching their weapons very tightly and are walking very slowly in the smoke infested area. There are bodies of some scientists on the ground, while all of a sudden a zombie pops out of nowhere. The zombie is killed quickly by Rogan*
Rogan: Dammit, I hate these things!
*The trio then approach the computer lab area, and they enter the door, but there is a noise coming from the inside of one of the lockers. The trio approach it, and Rogan decides to open it*
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User Info: ninto55

11 years ago#8
good, was it all opeing? if its suppose to be the game then it will probobly need to be shortened and who is p1 and p2? anyway i like it. im going to share it with my friends at ams international check it out if you want
and for those of you at the website yes i am AMSagent James
i'll try to get it to them this weekend i never have time to visit that site
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User Info: ROCK1990

11 years ago#9
Oh It isn't an intro, but a full on story of mine for what I feel the story of HOD 5 should be.

*Rogan opens, the door, Peterson and Lisa aim their weapons and the door opens. More heavy smoke begins to flow from the room*

Rogan: Its okay. Now let's get that data copied.

*They approach the computer and Peterson begins to type on the computer. Rogan and Lisa contact Harris on the radio*

Rogan: Harry, we found the computer.
Harry: Good job Rogan.
*Peterson runs into a security lock*
Peterson: Dammit, I ran into a security lock.

*Rogan and Lisa look over at the screen*

Rogan: Harry, there is a security lock on this computer.
Harry: Rogan, plug in the flashdrive. It contains a lock remover inside, which will render security useless.

*Peterson plugs in the flash drive and the security is removed and they access the screen with the data files*

Peterson: Copying has started.

*The screen shows the status bar which is currently at 10%*

Harry: Good work guys. Have you found the AVTCC members?

*The camera begins to move up behind our heroes as a hand reaches towards them. They quickly turn around. Rogan aims his gun*

AVTCC: Don't please! My name is Erick Willis, I am with the AVTCC crew.

*Rogan holster his weapon*

Rogan: You scared us there, Mr. Willis. Where's the rest of your team?
Willis: They're dead. I was able to just escape. I have the data needed for the toxicologist.

*The computer screen reads 100%*

Lisa: Dad, its done.

*Peterson removes the flashdrive and then the noises begin again. Zombies begin to rush in the room*

Rogan: Get ready!

*Rogan and Lisa begin to open fire dropping the first zombie. Two more appear, and are quickly dispatched by Peterson, who stores the flashdrive into his pocket.*

Peterson: We need to get the hell out of here!
Lisa: Good idea.

*Rogan and co. rush out of the room and head towards the elevator, which is filled with at least 50 zombies. Rogan throws 2 grenades and there is a huge explosion. The elevator falls down rapidly and it halts to a laud crash, and the second grenade explodes, destroying the front of the building. Harris and the people are ducking away from the blast. Harry pulls out the radio*

Harry: Are you all okay!!?
Rogan: We're fine. That was on me.

*The group is slightly exhaling in relief, and they have to use the stairwell. Harris begins to stare at his cell phone, his disregards it. He then looks up and see the heroes coming out of the building alive*
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User Info: ninto55

11 years ago#10
oh okay nice, i added it to AMS International
I am the only one left... of the alien hominid GC board.
I am the owner of the alien hominid GC board. it is my HOME!
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