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  3. There may be a way to bring The House of the Dead 4 into consoles

User Info: SonicX13

12 years ago#1
Remember if games sell very well, we get a sequel. Look here http://www.seganerds.com/2008/02/26/rumour-sega-makes-a-deal-with-house-of-the-dead-fans/ Read every detail.

User Info: ParanoiaSMO

12 years ago#2
What? Port HOTD4 to the Wii? Wow, Sega, that is one hell of a cheap console just to get a game on, I want to see it in its full glory on the 360!
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User Info: force_edge

12 years ago#3
Sorry, i have always thought of the wii as a gimmicky waste-of-time console. There's no way i'm buying that, especially given it's range of games.
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User Info: SonicSP

12 years ago#4
Personally I think it would nice control-wise for HoTD4 to be ported to the Wii......but
the graphics are just to much for it too handle(They can't even port Ghost Squad properly there,let alone HoTD4).The PS3 already has a lightgun so it seems like a good choice to me.I guess whether we get to see a HoTD4 port ANYWHERE will depend largely on how 2&3 Return sells.
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User Info: ice_54

12 years ago#5
for as for as i know, the sales in Singapore for hotd4 will not be good. why? almost every single machine is spoiled and even if repaired, it's not as good as it was in the 1st place.
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User Info: Gitarooman

12 years ago#6
hopefully, not on the wii, I understand that you can get a light gun ish controler right away but after playing HOTD3, the game looks even worse than the original Xbox version due to the lack of pixel shaders effect and more slow down too. PS3 is a much better choice since it already have a light gun and porting anything from the lindbergh arcade board to PS3 because of the graphic card both are using.

User Info: Kenichi34

12 years ago#7
HotD4 for the Wii!

There, I said it. *Waits for flames*
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User Info: Ganon24

12 years ago#8
Hopefully it's for the Wii, if not then PS3.
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  3. There may be a way to bring The House of the Dead 4 into consoles
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