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  3. Must we sacrifice a mercenary to get Skorm Bow

User Info: AlhambraCaim

6 months ago#1
Hi everyone,

I'm starting the game over again and would like to get Skorm Bow. I was wondering if we must sacrifice one of the mercenaries in order to get it or if some other NPC can get us past the 300 evil points goal ?

User Info: smeech8000

6 months ago#2
It's not necessary, however mercs are great for the following reasons:
1) They are guaranteed to follow you
2) They are physically bigger than other NPC's which translates into a better bonus for the sacrifice
3) They take their pay right on the hour making it easier to home in on a midnight sacrifice for the best bonus

Here is the procedure (credit to Drakulian):

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ >> HOW TO GET SKORM'S BOW IN ONE SHOT << ... v5.0 ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

ALIGNMENT — Make your Hero's actual moral alignment a little “good” (scars, tattoos, hairstyles and armours do not count in these regards; true moral alignment is key), the more “good” the better. The key is that the more opposite your alignment is from the Chapel or Temple you are sacrificing or donating at, the more alignment points you will receive, which is the whole purpose behind your visits to the Chapel of Skorm and the Temple of Avo.

SACRIFICE — The physically BIGGER and more healthy your sacrifice is, the happier the disciples of Skorm will be, and thus the bigger your reward; the “reward” being evil points. Skorm wants BIG and healthy sacrifices, hence why using the Mercenaries from Twinblade's Bandit Camp and the Temple of Avo work the best, although are not necessary. The moral alignment of the character you sacrifice does not matter.

TIMING — Precision timing as to when the sacrifice is made is pivotal because the better timed your sacrifice is, the more evil points will be granted you. The way to work this is by timing it so that you sacrifice at the very top of any hour (nighttime works better than daytime), or right at the stroke of Midnight.

· · · You will know the top of an hour by when the Mercenary you hired takes his pay. Once you hear the *clink* and see the red of the gold being taken by the Mercenary for his pay, you will know it is the top of an hour, and that is when to sacrifice him.

· · · Midnight is, however, the absolute best time because you will gain the most evil points for a Midnight sacrifice. You will know it is Midnight when your in-game clock (the circle in the upper right hand corner of your screen) has all of the Moon and Stars on top and the Sunny side down, the Mercenary should take his pay, but most importantly you will hear a Bandit Boss say, "LIGHTS OUT YOU HORRIBLE LOT!" At that precise moment, sacrifice him.

EVIL POINTS ARE YOUR REWARD — The primary purpose of the Temple and the Chapel is to reap alignment points (good or evil) from them that correspond to their theme, thus your true moral alignment should be opposite that of the place you are attempting to appease. The sole goal of doing all these things is to gain as many alignment points in one shot as you can; the more the better. The opening range of evil points needed for acquiring Skorm's Bow is 300 to 600. Anything above 600 evil points will grant you Skorm's Bow for certain. Anything below 300 will not (multiple sacrifices in very rapid succession might work, but not likely). The trick is to get as many evil points in one sacrifice as you can (the maximum is 1000). By following the other three major points above, all together, you increase your chances of receiving more evil points, thereby increasing your chances of being granted a bonus reward (Skorm's Bow, past years granted - up to ten, and the Necromancer title), because of, and in addition to your evil points.

REMEMBER: Aim for 600 evil points or more in one sacrifice by following all of the steps above to guarantee obtainment of Skorm's Bow.
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User Info: NemesisOgreKing

3 weeks ago#3
No, but they're the easiest followers you can get very early in the game.
According to Lionhead, Day of the week apparently factors into the sacrifice as well. Saturday going into Midnight on Sunday is the best. Knowing this I've been able to get the Bow far more consistently the past 6 years.
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