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User Info: smeech8000

5 years ago#1
I just did this in the Northern Wastes as I'm trying to flesh out my Will xp/spell list. I typically only use this spell as spam after getting my Combat Multiplier up in order to rack up Will xp, but thought I might as well get a cool one as I've never graduated past the wasp in all these years. I went straight from wasp to dreadwing using this technique:

1. Purchase Summon (level 1 is sufficient)
2. Purchase Slow Time (level 1 is sufficient)
3. Go to an area where minions spawn - I used Northern Wastes
4. Clear the area except for the one enemy you wish to upgrade your summon to
5. Rack up a bit of damage on said enemy without killing it
6. Cast Summon
7. Cast Slow Time
8. Stand back and watch the magic happen (pun intended).

You *will* need to re-cast one or both of the spells as the first level grants short durations for each and the dreadwing will likely get a hit or two in on your wasp as well. Make sure you bring plenty of will potions along.

Not a groundbreaking exploit/technique, but I figured the board would appreciate it. This place is starting to look like the Necropolis...
I don't feel tardy.
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