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User Info: heatmaster28

7 years ago#1
Is there a way to keep all the dolls through hero saving? Like, when doing the Archeologist quest, you pick up Briar Rose, Whisper, and Twinblade, then hero save. Later on in the White Balverine quest, do it up until the village people come out, tavern games, Scarlet Robe doll, hero save, etc. I mean, is that possible? Because if it is, you could turn the dolls for Jack, then redo the tavern games since the game would count them as "not done" and reobtain the dolls.
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User Info: Ikasnu

7 years ago#2
Yeah I'm pretty sure it works. The only thing I've used this glitch for was to remain 18, but it should work. After all, it works on everything else right?
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