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User Info: smeech8000

3 years ago#401

Hello, friend.
I don't feel tardy.
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User Info: Ogreatgames

3 years ago#402
Req. Sticky
This is what I needed. Selling and buying, very well explained. Great topic mate.
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#403
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: smeech8000

6 months ago#404
Oh hai!

Annual post.
I don't feel tardy.

User Info: FabIe

2 months ago#405
smeech8000 posted...
Oh hai!

Annual post.
Looks like we missed 2018.
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Sword of Aeons early

This method can be used to clip through Demon Doors and other terrain.

Skorm's Bow tip...
I didn't see this mentioned anywhere. In 2014 around Anniversary's release Lionhead admitted on Facebook that one of the hidden factors for obtaining Skorm's Bow was day of the week. Specifically, Saturday going into Midnight Sunday. Fable starts on a Sunday(day 0) and every seven days after that is Sunday. Knowing this, I've been able to get the Bow far more consistently.

I've tested both of these with my Sept 2004 Fable copy and My Anniversary Copy so they should work with TLC.
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