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User Info: solid_shooter

8 years ago#1
looks like this is going to be the last of medal of honer in the great world war 2......=[
kinda sad.......i hope a nother franchies comes that is set in ww2 that will blow away all this modern crap(not saying there bad games but this disapoints me because they havent perfected world war 2 in a video game) what if they made a omaha beach leval agine! =]

just imagine how much more chaotic they could make a leval like that feel now with todays graphics and technolgy they have with video games. Especualy if they added bunch of gore and such. make the leval start with you waking up to loud bombbardment the ships fired on the battle ship being able to step out side experincing the stormy weather and the mood and everything. climbing down into the higgens landing crafts filled with bunch of soilders rather than just 12 soilders with you.

User Info: Nokkien

8 years ago#2
and imagine how many times you die in a rain of fire, not knowing aho killed you ^^

but yes, i agree. we def need a modern old school wargame, imagine the flak tower, beeing a flak skyscraper ......
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User Info: itwizz

8 years ago#3
Personally I think WW 2, Vietnam and Iraq have been done to death so how about setting a game in WW 1 or the Korean war?
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