i have a few questions about this game ?

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  3. i have a few questions about this game ?

User Info: magiceddie05

9 years ago#1
okay i haven't touched a medal of honor game since european assault mainly because it was so damn short. and i have not been keeping up with these games since then but i found this for 17 bucks so i figured what the hell.

anyways my questions are

about how long is this ?

what is the difficulty like because people said it was pretty hard ?

and does it really freeze up on the PS3 ?

User Info: imgoingmad

9 years ago#2
I played this for the first time, for about 3 hours yesterday.

It doesn't seem too difficult and I'm playing "casual" mode.
Don't know how long the game is.
No freezes.

This is one of my favorite MOH games.........
The airdrop/parachute thing is cool.
You carry two weapons. Each weapon is represented as an icon onscreen. The icon is also a "meter": as you use the weapon and score kills, the meter fills. When filled, the weapon is boosted. There are 3 levels per weapon. A stats screen shows all weapons and where you are in terms of getting them boosted. It's a simple, motivating design. It may make you want to play through several times, to get all the weapons maxed out.

This game also tracks overall solo-player stats for headkills, etc. There are medals and you are rated on each map. SOme medals may be hard to obtain, like getting a 3 star rating on completing any map on the "hard" level could be tough.

The only thing I didn't like is that some sections on certain maps seem too "maze" like. But that was just 1 or 2 parts of a specific map. Navigating those parts was a pain but overall, I'm pleased. Bought it used for $24 and gonna keep it. In terms of SOLO play, I think this is way better than COD WAW, which was too short, no stats.

User Info: NiBuEA

9 years ago#3
This game is short. 6 missions which take about an hour each. I found it pretty hard when I started but I like my games that way. The game doesn't freeze, but the framerate is not what you would call 'smooth'.
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  3. i have a few questions about this game ?

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