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  3. This game released 8 years ago today. How do you feel about it looking back?

User Info: ssk9716757

10 months ago#1
I remember being extremely excited for this game's release, literally counting down the days. I also posted here a lot defending it when it got a ton of backlash. It's weird to go back and read those posts.

I recently re-purchased it for PC and remember liking the battle system as much as I did when I first played it. It's a lot of fun, despite the Auto-Battle criticisms. But this game also seems like a lot of missed potential, which is likely due to all the development issues.

Either way though I have mostly positive memories of this game. What about everyone else?
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User Info: iamBGS

10 months ago#2
I never had a PS3 or 360, so all I had to go on were reviews and word-of-mouth which was largely negative, so I just sort of wrote it off. Then it came to Steam, and though I'm realistic about some of the game's less understandable design flaws, overall it's a pretty good game and it grew on me. I'm quite glad I got into it. In fact, I've been streaming it (and now XIII-2, and probably LR after) because why not.
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User Info: Tanthalas

10 months ago#3
FFXIII still has a great battle system to me.

The negatives of the game continue to be the same for me: no character swapping during battle, no gambits to control their AI, way too linear game (even if it makes sense with the plot) and a severe lack of sidecontent until you reach almost the end of the game.
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User Info: GG_Sunny

10 months ago#4
I really enjoy it. It's honestly my favorite FF game purely because I enjoy the battle system so much. People meme about auto battle but I don't think it's any different than just attacking in older FF's which is even more brain dead. I really enjoyed how bosses had a lot of gimmicks and different elemental weaknesses or immunities that encouraged you to change your strategy for success. Every party member had something to offer and I found myself not benching any of them until post game.

The game does have some notable issues. Considering the lack of optional content, I feel like more missions would have been nice. At least 100 missions rather than the 64 we got. This becomes even more egregious when I think about the fact that some mission marks can be defeated in as little as 30 seconds to a minute. Then the rest of the post game consists of grinding turtles for a trophy. Then of course there's the fact that the game is a glorified tutorial until chapter 9 which makes replays rather obnoxious.

Also can I take a moment to express that I think Barthandelus never appearing again in the FF13 trilogy after his defeat is an injustice. I really liked him as a villain but they never brought him back, even though they brought back lesser characters such as Cid Raines and even Jihl as a DLC fight in 13-2. The man deserved more. Other than that, I can't say much more about the game. Really enjoyed it. Solid 8/10.
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User Info: paladin947

10 months ago#5
I love this game...I am not sure if the linearity of this game makes this game worse than previous FF. I love RPG games from Square Enix. The battle system is simple not confusing.

User Info: Azuredragon653

10 months ago#6
The first two times I played this game, I absolutely adored it. Then I did a couple of challenge runs, and adored it still. As I went to do more, it kind of hit me just how long it takes for things to get going. Because of that, it's hard for me to get the motivation to start more challenges (I've completed 5 [2 were pretty simple and easy] and still have at least 2 more I'd like to do). I still love the game and I have it in my top 5 FFs, but I can understand why someone would dislike it. What I do take issue with, however, is people who praise X while simultaneously s***ting on XIII.

User Info: Carmelo

10 months ago#7
still my favorite FF game and maybe even RPG of all time

battle system, music, beautiful environments, just perfect to me

User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
10 months ago#8
Azuredragon653 posted...
What I do take issue with, however, is people who praise X while simultaneously s***ting on XIII.


FF 13 is cut from the same cloth as FF 10 was yet one seems like it’s universally despised and the other praised. I mean I like 10 more so than 13 but 13 was clearly keeping up with the design philosophy of FF 10.

I think they are both great games but neither would make my top five FF list. I’d put them both in the bottom five FF list (just counting the main series). Still don’t think either or bad (I don’t think any of the main, “numbered” FF games are bad).
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User Info: Zeronic007

10 months ago#9
My favorite is still XII and XIII took a huge step in a different direction.
Nevertheless, although it has some flaws, this game is still great imo. There isnt a lot that I would change if I could, but if I could
1. Less linear, You have pulse of course, but meh.
2. Better platinum (I platinum almost every game, but this one is just a CHOOOORREEEE)
3. No Sequel. Don't get me wrong, I love some things about these games, Certainly lightning returns (meow meow!), But I think it would be better as a stand alone game. XIII's ending was great and hearthwarming. Then we go all over the place and the world goes to s***.

User Info: demonwyrm

10 months ago#10
I'm replaying it right now on PC, which I highly recommend if you can. I enjoyed it back on PS3, even with its shortcomings. I'm still enjoying it. The paradigm system is fun for me, but I can see why some people hate it. The linearity is what it is. I was able to accept it, but that doesn't mean I like it. The game is beautiful visually and really should've been opened up a little more.
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  3. This game released 8 years ago today. How do you feel about it looking back?
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