Playing it again after 5 years

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User Info: Jalex23

7 months ago#1
I played this game in 2012... (i didn't have any time/ps3 in 2009).

And now 5 years later I'm playing it again.

I have to say this is one of my favorite FFs... and I have played all (but the multiplayer ones). I don't understand the hate... never have.... the paradigm system is awesome, the characters are interesting and get you invested quickly.. and the music... ohhh the music is amazing...

Just wanted to show some love to it in a thread.


User Info: sparechaos

7 months ago#2
I think you have to play this game more than once. I was not happy the first time because the story was confusing and you had to read the datalog to understand what the hell was going on. I found this ironic considering the whole point of this new linear play with no need to grind was to focus on story. Plus I spent the whole time in Relentless Assault, bored and waiting for the LOOOONG battles to end.

Second play-through I discovered Fang with Smart Bomb, and learned the true joy of Synergists. I didn't care about the story, and I still don't. It's just crazy fun to play.

However, I still am weary until I get to Chapter 11. That's when all the jazz begins. And I will always be frustrated changing Paradigms the first time in battle watching everyone swing their arms while I get plastered.

User Info: omegafire18

7 months ago#3
Personally, I liked the game the first time through - the linearity didn't bother me (if anything, it was refreshing to have the underlying 'straight path' laid bare), I liked the story and the characters (had little trouble following it, and half of the datalog said things I already suspected), and the battle system was great

Years later, it's still a favorite hehe
If I post about something, it's because I ultimately like it - flaws tend not to personally matter after initial acceptance, if still acknowledged in general.

User Info: mecha_mkII

7 months ago#4
I also kind of replayed it just a month back. More precisely I finished the entirety of post-game after 6 years. I have to say that the game felt very polished and complete, much more so than XIII-2 which I completed just a while ago or even XV. Also in retrospect, the design does work for this specific game. All the tacky minigames in the sequel made it so much more apparent. It's a good game, the design choices have a purpose and are carefully calculated.

User Info: _Itachi_Uchiha_

6 months ago#5
This is my favorite FF game ever. Glad you're still enjoying it.

User Info: BobbyCorwen1

6 months ago#6
I too just played the game again - I wanted to get the last two trophies: Treasure Hunter and L'Cie Paragon (getting 5 stars in every mission). Last night I did it thanks to some great advice on this site. This game is by far one of my favorites. Interestingly enough, the very first time I tried to play this game I thought it was too linear and shelved it for about two years. I tried playing it again and was addicted. Played FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns as well.
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