need some clarification "spoliers ending" and thoughts on game

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User Info: renegadedriver

5 months ago#1
so fang and vanille merged into Ragnarok, plunged into a volcano and created a crystal thing to keep cocoon from falling into pulse? thats what i came to the conclusion of. i realize its dues ex machina, but it makes sense sorta. im just not sure how they came up with this plan. maybe i missed a datalog somewhere that stated this could happen. not sure though.

i like the game overall but there was a few things that bothered me. the weapon customization wasnt explained very well. i kinda figured it out but im still not sure how the transformer catalysis work exactly. also didnt like how the game kept closing off the crystalium. also never really understood how to use summons well. main character dies equaling game over. battle system was fun overall though.

i was really confused in the begining with lci, fal ci and all that jazz. so i stop the game and read the datalogs multiple times then started over. had a better understanding of what was going on. didnt care for bartanthoulous at all. but i did like the characters, only one that bug me was hope. but he got better.

Music was fantatasic and battle animations were very good

things that DID NOT bug me at all. liner corridor, lightnings attitude, snow being an idiot, the heroes lines, grinding, and vanille's moaning. im serious they did not bother me.

i guess i can understand why people have such issues with this game but i like it. not the best, not the worst. but ill play it again some time. ( note to self make sure you have at least 2 or 3 cherab crowns in final battle with orphan) for now going back to x13-2.

User Info: Reciful_II

5 months ago#2
Glad you enjoyed it, can't say I understand why it gets as much hate as it does either.
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User Info: xfyrenx

5 months ago#3
I mean, their focus was to turn into Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon, they just did the first part and changed what'd do from destroy to protect/hold it up.
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User Info: Designer_FF

5 months ago#4
Hi, I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I'll try to answer your questions but by no means am I an expert in FFXIII, so take what I'm going to say with a grain of salt.

Basically the party's focus is to destroy Cocoon, and Serah's focus was to gather the tools to do that. Do you remember that vision they alll had of Ragnarok destroying Cocoon? The thing is if I'm not wrong only Vanille and Fang can become Ragnarok because they were the ones chosen by Anima to do that(as far as I know Anima was the "Ragnarok holder" so only him could chose who could become Ragnarok), so considering that what are the rest of the party's focus? Well, to answer that question you have to keep in mind that the vision l'Cie get of their focus is very vague and not specific, so even if every member of the party got the same vision that doesn't mean every one of them will turn into Ragnarok, or is able to do so, maybe their part was just to help that vision come true. So in my understanding everyone's focus was to destroy Cocoon, but not everyone's part was to become Ragnarok.

However in order to destroy Cocoon it is also imperative to destroy Orphan, the thing is everyone including Barthandelus thought that that would only be possible with the power of Ragnarok, so had the party done that(used the power of Ragnarok to destroy Orphan), they would be helpless to help Cocoon, however instead they managed to beat Orphan by themselves and so Vanille and Fang used the leftover power of Ragnarok in order to save Cocoon. Since they did beat Orphan and brought Cocoon to the ground all of the party turned into crystal due to fulfilling their focus.

Now the reason for why they turned back from crystal is really a Deus Ex Machina but you have to remember that gods are objectivelly real in this game so using a Deus Ex Machina is ok plot-wise. Now to understand better why did that happen I'll leave that for you to discover for yourself should you play the sequels.

User Info: renegadedriver

5 months ago#5
thanks for the reply. does shed some light on what happened. as for the sequels i like them as well.

played part way through both sequels but stopped cause i wanted the full story. so finally picked up a copy of 13 and finished it. started 13-2 over again. didnt realize the beginning contradicts ( also didnt remember, been a few years since playing it) ending of 13. guess due to time travel, but well see. liking it so far.

so how does the transformers in weapon customazation work. i never could figure out what weapon you could transform and which ones you couldnt. only thing i did figure out was go to creature comforts stock up on 10 of the low tier items. then go pick up the paritcle or polygraphic fuses ( i think thats what they were called). worth 1600 gil. use low level items first to build the experience bonus up to 3. then apply the partical fuses and you would gain tons of levels on your weapon.

for money i found myself consistently selling things. although perfumes and credit chips were useful too.

User Info: Designer_FF

5 months ago#6
Basically at the late game you can do 2 things for money as far as I'm aware, you can do chocobo runs, in order to do a chocobo run look online for a map of the locations of all of the treasures on gran pulse, then just pick up a chocobo and go look for them, not everytime all of the treasures will be there, also you don't have to necessarily look for all of the treasures, just make a route that is comfortable to you. With chocobo digging you can find lots of items that sell for good money but it's a kind of slow process, because there is also a lot of junk. So in order to do the chocobo run again you will have to save the game then reset and load so that all of the treasures come back.

Now there is a second way of making money that will give you gil a lot faster, you know those big tortoise dinosaurs that walk on grand pulse? They have a chance of dropping two great items: platinum ingot and trapehazedrom(or something like that), the platinum ingot sells for 150k each and the other item is a catalyst that costs 2mil and transforms your weapon into the ultimate weapon, provided the weapon is maxed out.

If you want the more bang for your buck I would recommend you to do the tortoise farming but you will have to have a strong party in order to do that first I believe, just look at faqs and tutorials in the internet on how to farm the toises and also tutorials on best spots to grind for cp.

Another thing that you should be aware also is the hunts, there are a lot of missions in total and some of them give you pretty nice rewards, one item that you should be aware of specifically that will help you to level up is the Growth Egg, also after beating one of the other hunts the tortoises will change to a different one with better rewards(Dark Matter). I don't know if the toroise that drops the platinum ingot will still be around though so maybe you should check that first because the ingot is important for gil.

So the way weapon upgrades work is kinda simple, there are three kinds of component, the organic components, the mechanical components and the catalysts. Usually their use is to level the weapon up but not always as some of them are just to sell for gil, here is a list of the components:

Usually you'll want to use the organic components until the weapon has the x3 bonus then you'll want to use the mechanical components in the right amount so that the weapon can level up to the max. After that you'll want to use the catalyst so that it can upgrade.
If you look online the name of each equipment you'll find how much exp it will need to level up to the max so that will allow you to know how much of the mechanical component you'll need to max it in one go.

As far as the organical components go the best one are barbed tail, vibrant ooze and another one that I forgot the name, just buy 99 of each, now for the mechanical ones use the perfect conductor and the ultracompact reactor depending on how much exp the equipment needs to level up. You can double check that but I think those are the items that will give you the most bang for your buck.

User Info: Designer_FF

5 months ago#7
Forgot to say you'll usually need 36 Barbed Tail or Vibrant Ooze to achieve the x3 bonus.

User Info: JolosGhost

5 months ago#8
xfyrenx posted...
I mean, their focus was to turn into Ragnarok and destroy Cocoon, they just did the first part and changed what'd do from destroy to protect/hold it up.


It's only really a Deus Ex Machina because it's not well established early. It's referred to by name a couple of times, or in unrelated Datalogs, but I think they were afraid that it wouldn't have impact if they telegraphed it....but it ended up having the opposite effect. Waw waw.
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