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User Info: Animehost

9 years ago#1

Animehost posted...
The story started off just after the last scene of the game. The first thing the group did was to find Hope's dad, and to make sure the Sanctum troops were alright. The troops turned out to be okay (despite Rygdea was missing). Cocoon, together with one-third of the Cocoon's population, was destroyed. So Snow and Serah decided to build what they called a new world on pulse. On the other hand, Sazh and Hope wanted to become the strengths of the ones who were left behind. Within everyone's minds, rescuing Fang and Vanille was their first priority. However, they must also help the ones in need, and atone for what they have done.

Lightning, without notifying anyone, quietly walked away from the group. She didn't know why but has the feeling of someone (or something) calling her, urging her to move on. She has a feeling that the war wasn't over yet.

While Sazh, with his son Dahj, piloted his airship to rescue and support the ones in need, Hope went with the Sanctum troops after he was told that his dad has been found. Snow and Serah watched the three of them go. She told him she wanted to become a teacher in the future which he agreed. Just then, Serah finally realized Lightning was already nowhere to be seen. She then started to feel worried.

When Lightning finally came to realization, she found herself floating in the middle of a sea-like zone. There were monsters but neither animals nor plants could be seen. She couldn't sense any breath of life nor could she feel the passage of time. It was a world filled with nihility and abyss. She didn't know why she was there. The only thing Lightning knew was to keep going. "Where am I going?" She asked. There was no answer. In that momentary yet eternal silence, the voice disappeared.


I've been to some Japanese and Chinese message boards and read through some of their comments regarding this after story. Some says the ending looks like it's a prologue to DDFF instead of FFXIII-2. Other says no, it's a prologue to FFXIII-2. Though personally I cannot decide one way or the other, the novel's definitely a prologue to something. What do you think? Feel free to discuss.

Oh one thing, just in case. I'm not going to prove the source even if you wanted me to do so. So just ignore it. If you think I'm making things up you could just wait patiently until more people confirm this post's credibility.

User Info: Chickity_China

9 years ago#2

Thank god she didn't end up with marrying Hope or something. I don't care if its a prologue for 012 or 13-2, this plus the Nomura art plate thing are more than enough for me to be content on the fact that SE has more plans for Lightning in the future. I'm happy :)

User Info: Crimsonmist

9 years ago#3
So Snow and Serah were about to become Adam and Eve but then other people were around, and Serah announces she wants to become a teacher which is only relevant should one have cared enough about the fact she was an A student in history which was probably poorly demonstrated in past events when she went to explore the vestige out of curiosity alone, knowing full well of bad blood between Pulse and Cocoon.

Sazh and Hope are trying to help rescue efforts which for some reason the military allows without any question, Hope's dad is alright now that he doesn't have to be rendered on screen.

Lightning comes to the realization that she wants to become Ryu from Street Fighter and is already seeking the next challenge for ceremony means nothing to her. Then it will be sequel time or more appropriate to this statement Duodecim.

Well I'm hoping for Duodecim's introduction myself because from what the end of that is describing seems too odd, but whatever.

User Info: Alky88

9 years ago#4
Well there are no monsters in Dissidia so I suppose this is a prologue of FFXIII-2.
January can't come fast enough, I believe the game will be announced then and be released within the year. The XIII team has been working on their next project for a while and each team has to release a game every 2 years now.
FFXIII came out in 2009 so a 2011 release for the sequel sounds right. Most models for characters/monsters will be used again like they did for X-2.
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User Info: Crimsonmist

9 years ago#5
It's a reach but you may count crystalized version of other characters as monsters, or they may be actually adding them for this installment unless it's already been shown otherwise (I don't know, haven't been following, which I would actually like rather than fight the same 20 people a thousand times until the end.

But if it's a sequel preview I'm about as interested as I was with Tales of Symphona Knights of Ratatosk/Dawn of the New World. Which is to say not at all. Then again not one direct FF sequel has satisfied me (despise 4 After Years, Dirge of Cerberus, while the gameplay and actual plot is okay I'm not fond of X-2, Revenant Wings should never have been and really has done nothing for FF XII). But let's see what they come up with from here on, may be interesting, may not be, I'm pessimistically going for the latter as not only with FF, but almost all direct sequels for JRPGs have been absolute failures in my eyes.

User Info: Chickity_China

9 years ago#6

Ok major spoiler alert just in case someone who hasn't beaten the game yet is reading this post for some odd reason. STOP READING IF THATS YOU.

I just went back through the last few cutscenes in the game and while what happens to Lightning could very well just be a prologue to 012, I must say 13-2 isn't completely out of the question. Here's why:

Starting from when the party comes back to life after turning to ceith and blowing up Orphan's 1st form, this is what they say:

Van: But, where were you?

Hope: Somewhere cold and dark, just thinking about everthing that happened up until now. And then... and then it was like -

Snow: It was like - I had a glimpse of the future. Everyone was smiling and laughing. Even Serah. Even Light.

Sazh: I don't know. It was a new focus or something. You know, I'm thinkin, didn't really make sense of course. I mean, knowing we were worm bait nd all, but as luck would have it, next thing I know I feel somebody pushing me right along.

Light: You were there too Fang, same side, all of us. Together to the end.

So, what we know is the party sans Van and Fang were in a "cold and dark" place, thinking about what was going on. Then, they got a new focus, or seemed to get a new focus at least. Sounds kinda like the sea of abyss Lightning is described as in, thinking, yet feeling nothing. Perhaps she too will get another focus and kick off a new adventure? Just speculating.

Also, I though Dissidia was a war between Chaos and Cosmos and was on a completely different canon, or rather, non-canon. I don't see how FF13 canon would blend into it.

User Info: Animehost

9 years ago#7
Guess what? I've just decided to consider this after story the prologue of FFXIII-2. Just forget it if you're not interested in the sequel but I'm fairly sure FFXIII-2's plot (if there's one) would be much better than FFXIII. We'll see. Can't wait til 0118!

User Info: miladesn

9 years ago#8
that's as horrible as the main game story, sounds about right, I'd love a sequel, guess we will find out on Jan 18 :) .

User Info: Shugosha

9 years ago#9
That's real?


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User Info: McFlippyhoo

9 years ago#10
So the game is finding Lightning or Lightning and pals?
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