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  3. Is it just me or is Sazh useless?

User Info: NaramieAmuro

10 years ago#1
Besides the first few turns after he's buffing everyone, he's quite useless. Seems to do no damage at all regardless of role even with the buffs.

User Info: SSJPabs

10 years ago#2
Not for me. He's a good balance since I like to use light as a Ravager and Fang as a Commando so Sazh supplements well. Also he can cast Vigilance and Hope can't. At least not in my game.
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User Info: FF13Defender

10 years ago#3
He's great against multiple foes or a big single foe if you use him as the party leader and take advantage of Blitz when he's a Commando.

Otherwise, he's a solid ravager that can keep the chain gauge growing at a steady rate. Sometimes, his slow casting speed gets in the way. However, it can also help draw out a battle and increase the chain gauge steadily when it would otherwise decrease.
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User Info: -Shinobier-

10 years ago#4
he's useless cuz he's ***** male with fried hair.
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User Info: OssiTheGreat

10 years ago#5
You always expect everything to be all sugars and rainbows, don't ya?

Sazh is cool buffing your team I tell you, and when he's boosted his guns get all pimped. PIMPED I TELL YOU! They are so shiny that they automatically stagger a leg on one of those oversized turtles, so he can give it a bullet or two between its eyes!
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User Info: cmillertime7

10 years ago#6
Sazh is possibly the worst character in the game. Hope may be worse in postgame, but he is at least useful in Chapters 10-13. Sazh just never does anything good; not even good enough to use him for Haste early on, IMO. He is the worst Rav by a substantial margin (only Vanille comes close), a mediocre Com, and a good Syn until Fang gets the -ra spells.

He does have one use in postgame: Daze spamming turtles. He's better than Snow for this because of his slower casting animation, meaning you will get more hits in while Daze is still up. Although, he's a much worse Rav, so Snow will stagger quicker.

User Info: nissanhonda

10 years ago#7
he's OK.

COM: only good against large targets. Blitz is not actually good against a crowd. So really sazh should be only used against turtles. At semi high potential each hit can do 250,000. Fang and snow are really the best overall. I think at rare times snow>fang due to a much larger adrenaline range( assuming highest strength weapon for each and 3 kaisers).

Rav: he is good enough to raise the chain bonus but there are better people. IMO and from experience hope+vanille are somehow the best. Lack of strikes make them unusually better. They are also better than lightning against fast targets/ flying targets because spells never miss. Vanille+hope were very good against zirnita/attacus/mission 64. The only way lightning is the best is when played as leader otherwise its vaniile and hope.

Med: middle tier along with snow. Good enough to heal from critical to green in 1 turn or 3/4 curasa

SAB: very good only at max crystarium otherwise poor. This department belongs to fang/vanille

SYN: best maingame but poor(along with light, snow, hope) @ max crystarium

SEN: 2nd best for tanking. The only way i use sentinels is switching to tortoise paradigm. So everyone is good really.

User Info: foo1239

10 years ago#8

User Info: Zephyr_Lee

10 years ago#9
now you are going to be overwhelmed by all the sazh fans posting videos

User Info: zeoblade

10 years ago#10
sazh is one of the best characters! i love SYN and SAB. you put on your bravery, haste, enfire, etc and you go to town on the enemies! when using blitz the elemental damage per second is the highest in the game! i love sazh and fang as SYN/COM and SAB/COM the and later when lightning and snow learn SYN/SAB, they are great! i think i'll experiment more with magic stat next for ruin COM and see how hope, vanille, and lightning go
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  3. Is it just me or is Sazh useless?
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