Upgrading Blazefire Saber?

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User Info: littlehelp

8 years ago#1
Hi, new to the game here. I just unlocked upgrades for items and was wondering what's the wisest route to go from here? I experimented and got my Blazefire Saber to Lv. 15 using all of my items. Should I restart and just save them for something big or what's the best choice here? What'd you do?
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User Info: Tziggyx

8 years ago#2
It's not recommended to upgrade at all until Chapter 11.
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User Info: saucy177

8 years ago#3
seriously all the weapons are viabloe choices depending on what you do with your character

i say the best thing to do is wait till chapter 11 with all yours mats, because thats when upgrading and grinding actually start to matter most

and i did upgrade teh blazefire saber to the next step because for me, i use lightning for commando and ravager which both need a good atk and mag rating, so i went with blazefire because its most balanced so far
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User Info: Dbarr74

8 years ago#4
I'll argue to the death (not really) that the blazefire upgrade is perfect for lightning because she's a balanced character and has equal strength and magic. But people will also argue for the Axis Blade (i think?) refills your ATB gauge as you hit enemies.

For lightning, the best weapon is either one of those two, but it depends more on your playstyle.
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User Info: Biurfe

8 years ago#5
please correct me if im wrong (im only past chapter 7) but i dont think this game is really hardcore enough to punish you for leveling the blazefire saber...objectively enough, it WILL benefit you

and you can also stop leveling it now at 15 and follow the guys advice anyway, wait till chapter 11, i probably will do that, i always loved saving up stuff anyway....If only i could do that IRL... :S
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