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  3. wat happened to gzay

User Info: XxvettexX

10 years ago#1
u know that guy that thought 12=13

User Info: SentinelBurrito

10 years ago#2
He's got a topic on the Twilight Princess board. But it doesn't seem so horrid as his one here, so I have let it be.
"ITT, unfounded, baseless reasoning by someone whose descendants I will hate for three generations."- Minjo Master

User Info: Coinspinn3r

10 years ago#3
maybe you ignored him like me?
/-- WolfRequiem --\

User Info: XxvettexX

10 years ago#4
topics were funny to read

User Info: Druff

10 years ago#5
I was hoping he was dead. Damn. Now I'm disappointed...
Mystic powers, threaten the puritans

User Info: KeyToSuccess

10 years ago#6
Ah come on, I know you can think of someone else more worthy of death...
This is what RPG's are about. Killing people and taking their cool stuff!

User Info: XxvettexX

10 years ago#7
lol my bad druff but gzay is better than mgs piggy w/e guy

User Info: arkbishop41

10 years ago#8


lol omfg the rturn of GZAY is at hand. hes back making more stupid topics with the exact same stupid point.

can we just let him die out??

GZAY = Vueguy

both legendary trolls.

User Info: FF Obliviator

FF Obliviator
10 years ago#9
Don't jinx it.
What is the Meaning of Life?: To marry a Hypello.
PSN ID: Gmanweapon (New Zealand)
Darkwolf Bloodsbane 10 years ago#10
No no no.

Legendary implies good.

They are infamous trolls.

there's a difference.
Leather doesn't really suit me...unless it's lingerie. - Katythefr3ak
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