Lost my coin... (Minor Spoilers)

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User Info: CGoblins

8 years ago#1
I just finished killing the Nue at the very beggining of the game... I fished up Manillo once and got the 3 holy daggers, but when I was ready to fish him up for the armor I wasnt paying attention and lost my coin. I see that the next time I have a chance to get one is in the tournament, but my question is... will I miss anything without it until then? And if I catch Manillo in one fishing spot... Will he still be ???? at other fishing spots or will it give me credit for having caught him there as well.

CGoblin! Currently playing imported Breath of Fire 3. PSP 3000.

User Info: Kalesfury

8 years ago#2
You'll miss out on the next manillo spot (I think it's by the Tower). In any case, if you've caught Manillo once, you've got his/its entry in your fishing data.
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User Info: The_Korey

8 years ago#3
Manilo will always be in your fishing data, but each fish has to be caught in each new spot to not show up as "????".
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