Noobish Questiion..

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User Info: molerat28

8 years ago#1
Ummm... I just got the fusion gene.. and i'm kinda having trouble using it.. It always turns me into a whelp, i tried the faqs already but i cant understand it.. Maybe i'm just stupid but can somebody help me with this?

User Info: Kalesfury

8 years ago#2
It requires three in the party, and depending on party composition, you get a different form.
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User Info: Ryu999orJoe

8 years ago#3
Nina, Rei, Peco, and Momo have fusion forms.
You can't get anything from a party of Ryu, Rei, and Garr even though that's like the best 3 you can have.
The Hybrids can be in their advanced form if you mix the correct gene with the Fusion gene.
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User Info: TimeSpaceMage

8 years ago#4
If you just got the Fusion gene, that would mean you just got Garr again (and got a nice spoiler in the above posts). You'll be able to use Fusion very soon, anyway.
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