Is this game so difficult? (location spoilers)

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  3. Is this game so difficult? (location spoilers)

User Info: happy_emi

8 years ago#1
I'm using Nina and Ryu and I'm actually at the Momo tower, but I found it extremly difficult, since a group of 3 lizards can kill both characters in 2 turns.
I don't understand if I'm under leveled (they are level 11 (Ryu) and level 8 (Nina)) or I'm doing something very wrong.
Also I think I made a miskake: I didn't put Ryu under any master because I couldn't decide which one to use (Mygas or Bunyan) so maybe his stats suck. I wanted to put Nina under Mygas but it seems to me it's impossible because I cant' go back to the first town. You have a huge map but it's just a corridor which forces you to visit one town per time.

I'd like to increase characters' defense, but I can't decide if drop in agility is worth it. How bad is if agility drops from 12 to 6, while increasing defense from 28 to 36?

Anyway I like a lot this game: It IS great. I suppose I'm a bit rusty in JRPG games :P

User Info: SMZig

8 years ago#2
Hmm yeah, you probably should have put Ryu under a master before you left the beginning stages of the game. Any level up while not under a master is a waste because you miss out on stat upgrades from the masters. However, at your point in the game you really have no choice.

Try putting your party in defense formations and equip the armor even if it makes you slower. The lizards are fast anyway so they'll probably attack first no matter what.

User Info: Rei23

8 years ago#3
No, the game isn't really difficult. In my opinion however, for a first playthrough the Tower is a pain, even the dungeon after it can give you problems if you don't know what you are doing. The not putting Ryu under a master isn't a problem in the slightest, assuming you have decent equipment. My advice would be to take the hit in agility and equip the stronger armor. The lizards are going to attack before you no matter what anyway, so you might as well take less damage per hit. If I recall correctly, they always attack the character with the least amount of HP/Defense. So expect them to always go for Nina.

Also, the lizards are weak to lightning so cast Jolt on them with Nina. There is a room to rest inside of the tower, fairly close to the entrance on the second floor, so don't be afraid to rely on your dragon transformations if you are struggling. Shortly after the save room, you will find something that will make the Tower much, much easier.

Oh, and your levels aren't a problem. You are right about where you need to be.
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User Info: happy_emi

8 years ago#4
Ok I finished the tower :)
Basically I understood that I had to defend against hyper bot and wait for him to cast blitz. Also I had to attack the ice frog for first, cause its damage relies on HP.
After getting Momo everything is much more easier, just hyper bot can be a problem if it attacks for first.
A problem was that I hadn't healing herbs with me so I had to use Heal skill to heal the party between battles. Now that I'm out I bought a lot of them so I'm ready for the next dungeon :)

As for masters I figured out that they are not essential; anyway I'll make Nina a Mygas' apprentice ASAP.

User Info: TimeSpaceMage

8 years ago#5
D'lonso (the indian girl at the coffee shop) is a good master for Momo since she could use the accuracy boost, but if it's your first time through the game you probably aren't going to have the required 15 types of weapons for awhile. She teaches Steal, which is nice for getting new items.

Also note that you can learn Blitz from the HyperBots, but it's only good if you have a ton of HP.
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  3. Is this game so difficult? (location spoilers)

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