All Balio and Sunder fights "killed" and tips - Video

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8 years ago#1
Balio and Sunder's first fight is unbeatable proven through this video of a hack having them marked with the ko flag. In this first fight, they aren't like normal enemies, but rather sprites (which were even hacked off the screen in one test) with locked hp levels.

1st Fight with KO Flag (Video decription - HACKED through emulation; by marking them with the KOed flag. No sound! Just shows what happens if you actually do the technically impossible... the storyline shoves you right back.)

However, with the right strategy, equipment, level, magic, (or cheats with codebreaker), etc - it is possible to beat them any and every time after the first fight. A good strategy mentioned by others is to level to at least level 21 through the bolt enemy method by casting lightning on bolt enemies to strengthen them and yield more xp like in the same way as the later leveling method through lava men. Another strategy is to cast frost, use an icicle, or otherwise freeze mudmen and then kill them since they then can't attack and will then yield fairly high xp at that point in the game.

2nd fight (with cheats)
2nd fight (without cheats)
2nd fight (marking them with ko flag ((which is semi redundant because it's possible to use "regular" cheats to max stats, genes, etc and "legitimately" kill them)))

Lava Men Leveling (PS1)
Lava Men Leveling (PSP)
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  3. All Balio and Sunder fights "killed" and tips - Video

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