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User Info: Loki_174

8 years ago#1
Right, so according to the Secrets FAQ:

[Goo King]
15000 EXP
1000 Z
Stolen item: Green Apple--7
Dropped item: Goo King Sword--1
Moves: Attack, Escape, Burn, Charge

Steal Stolen item-> Moves: Charge, Ragnarok, Sirocco, Tornado ; might not occur
<Goo King wants the item back!>

... the rate of stealing the Green Apple is 7, supposedly a 1/1 chance, right? Why is it that every time so far I've fought a Goo King and have Rei/Ryu Pilfer/Steal (Momo doing Charm), I can't seem to ever steal it successfully? I'm finding it very hard to believe that people farm hundreds of this enemy when these buggers will almost always run away from you before you can steal the Apple, preventing it from running.

Am I the only one having trouble with this aspect, or am I doing something wrong? Rei is basically the only one who can even get a turn in before the Goo King escapes. I've only ever once killed one before it ran, and it stayed with me for six turns. Fluke, I think. (I'm playing this on the PSP version, btw.)

The difference between genius and idiocy? Genius has its limits. ¬_¬

User Info: InfinityZERO

8 years ago#2
Do you have x99 Green Apples? After you hit max, you stop being able to steal. Don't worry about stealing it from him to keep him in battle, because you'll be here so long that you'll eventually be around level 70 to get the sword. The best place I found them in was at the bottom of the elevator that Momo's robot opens.
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User Info: hourglasseye

8 years ago#3
Get a casino for your faerie/fairy village and put at least two faries in the casino. The second faerie/fairy should award a Goo King Sword for winning the Numbers Guessing Game on the first guess. I know because I use an emulator, and am able to use save states in order to "guess" correctly on the first try. Must be ridiculously hard to get it this way when you aren't using an emulator, though.


8 years ago#4
How to get it and video of its proof:
Video of the Drop Item Goo kingsword by the Goo King (Station Myria).

PS1 - (Goo king sword part starts at 6 minutes into the vid)

PSP - (Video description = Breath Of Fire 3 PSP - Goo KingSword. Ryu's best weapon , the legendary Goo KingSword, dropped by the Goo King. This was my third one!!! The key to getting this (or any rare drop item) is the Charm skill (It doubles the chance of item drops). If your characters are faster then the Goo King and can deal alot of damage then don't bother stealing the Green Apple. I actually had an easier time getting this then the Lifestealer.)

Another vid with goo king sword shown at the end -

Vid with goo king sword shown at 3:17

User Info: Loki_174

8 years ago#5
Zero, that was exactly the problem - I was maxed out on Green Apples. Fixt, thanks. Now to begin grinding.
The difference between genius and idiocy? Genius has its limits. ¬_¬

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