is this right?

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User Info: elventedoz

8 years ago#1
I apprentice Peco and Garr to meryleep since their too slow and some people say speed is important in this game because of the EX turn should i apprentice them to someone else or is it just fine?

User Info: Rei23

8 years ago#2
It wont do much good. They probably wont ever get an EX turn, and still be slower than just about everything. Go for a more physical master.
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User Info: ezaharko

8 years ago#3
I apprentice Peco with Meyleep and eventually he gets faster than Rei. So the I have to slow him down because Rei needs to be the fastest.
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User Info: Tion2

8 years ago#4
Farm Swallow Eyes. OR Put Peco under Fahl from level 1 and use Speed Form with Rei leading.
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